Accelerated Turbine Startup Service


Accelerated Turbine Startup Program is a licensed, proprietary program that utilizes engineering thermodynamics to allow turbines to start up in a Valve Open position. This methodology is SAFE and Cost Beneficial for all boiler / turbine configurations and complies with turbine OEM requirements.

There are two primary programs:

  1. Accelerated Cold Start Program [ACS]
    • The ACS program reduces cold startup time by about 50%. It also reduces turbine stress by 50%.
  2. Accelerated Hot Start Program [AHS]
    • The AHS program reduces turbine hot start time by about 50% with less stress on turbine and boiler parts

The Benefits To You Include:

  • Reduced Unit Startup Time
  • Increased Production Revenues
  • Increased Unit Dispatch Frequency
  • Reduced Startup Costs—Fuel, Makeup Water, Station Service, and Staff Overtime
  • Increased Equipment Life and Reduced Maintenance – Reduced Capital and O&M Costs for Boiler,
  • Turbine, and Auxiliary Parts
  • Reduced Environmental Impacts, Potential Violations, & Costs

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