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Green Star Environmental

Acquisition Due Diligence Assessments


Green Star has completed numerous environmental site assessments associated with real estate transactions for a variety of industrial and commercial clients. Many of these assessments were completed as part of multi-site project acquisitions associated with national and/or regional companies. Green Star's site evaluations range in scope from reconnaissance-level characterizations to comprehensive assessments involving facility compliance reviews, subsurface explorations, and various types of environmental sampling. At a minimum, Green Star's environmental site assessments (ESAs) are conducted in general accordance with the American Standard for Testing Materials (ASTM) 1527-94 guidance document. ESAs conducted following this standard adequately address the issue of due diligence for the responsible or potentially responsible party. In addition to the ASTM standard, Green Star also works with individual clients to develop customized scopes of work that are project or lender-specific.

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