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Air Emissions Inventories



Many air quality permitting projects require a facility-wide inventory of all air emissions sources. An accurate accounting of emissions is also necessary for payment of annual permit fees to state and local regulatory agencies. In addition to common point sources, facilities often have emissions sources that are more difficult to identify and quantify, such as raw material storage piles, material handling operations, solvent cleaning of parts and machinery, surface coating operations, and dust from roadways and parking lots. Use of appropriate emission factors and rates is crucial for developing permitting strategies, determining applicable regulations, and performing air dispersion modeling analyses.

Trinity has conducted emissions inventories for thousands of facilities, some with more than 1,000 individual emission points, including fugitive, mobile, point, area, and line sources. We utilize a variety of resources to arrive at the most appropriate emission factor for each source, including information developed by EPA, industry organizations, and equipment manufacturers.

Upon completion of the emissions inventory, Trinity compiles the emissions data and corresponding calculations and prepares detailed reports documenting this information. An appropriate tracking and reporting methodology may be as simple as a customized spreadsheet or as sophisticated as a company-wide, fully integrated EH&S management information system. Trinity and T3, our EH&S technology group, has provided a broad range of emissions data management solutions, consistent with the complexity of the site and the budget of the client.

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