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Major activities in the air quality field include: Preparation of construction permit applications; Air modeling studies using both SCREEN and ISCST3 models; Preparation of Title V and Conditional Major Permit applications; Developing compliance plans for Title V permits & MACT standards; Selection/recommendations of control equipment for reducing emissions; Emission Inventory Reporting (point source reports). A typical construction project includes reviewing the plans and equipment specifications for a new equipment installation, estimating emissions from the new source, determining applicable regulatory requirements, air modeling, and preparation & submittal of the permit application.

Air modeling is either performed as part of a construction permit application or sometimes for the renewal of an operating permit. Simple sources can often be modeled quickly using the SCREEN3 model. Complex sources with multiple emission points may be modeled more effectively with a “refined” model (either ISCST3 or AERMOD). The refined models are also used when the SCREEN3 model shows a potential non-compliance. The SCREEN3 model tends to “overstate” emission impacts. The refined models are used to project a more realistic level of off-site emission impacts.

We have assembled numerous Title V and Conditional Major permit applications, negotiated for permit conditions, and developed compliance plans to achieve compliance. The Title V permit program has greatly increased the effort required to show compliance with significant data gathering and reporting requirements included in most permits. Additionally, several of our clients are also covered by the MACT requirements which adds another layer of monitoring and reporting to permit conditions.

Selection of control equipment is another critical area we assist clients. We evaluate equipment to ensure that it will reduce pollutants to well within acceptable levels and also to make sure that it is reliable and cost effective. Maintenance and operating costs are two key concerns in evaluating control equipment.

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