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Air emission regulatory requirements are becoming increasingly stringent for industrial operations across the country. As a result, clients are challenged to demonstrate due diligence and be confident that their emissions are within regulatory limits. Dillon's extensive source emission testing expertise is called upon to meet this challenge. We apply our comprehensive air emission testing (stack testing) services to address a multitude of due diligence issues. We determine if a process is in compliance with current or proposed emission regulations/operating permit limits, and provide accurate data for the development of air resources management programs.


We utilize source emission data to facilitate the selection and design of control equipment, and test the efficiency of installed equipment. We measure the economic impact of material or product losses from a process and assist clients in controlling a process by continuous or frequent observation of one or more constituents in an emission stream

Dillon has been involved in research and commercial stack sampling services since 1968. We have assisted Canadian regulatory agencies with the development of stack testing codes and policies.

We test for a wide range of atmospheric pollutants such as particulate, trace metals, organics, polyaromatic hydrocarbons, polychlorinated biphenyls, hydrogen chloride, methanol, formaldehyde, and odour emissions. We have also tested for gaseous contaminants including sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, and total hydrocarbons. Standard published sampling methods are followed where available and sitespecific test procedures and/or methods have been developed in several situations. For example, we developed procedures for sampling microbial and dioxin contaminants in hospital incinerator stacks.

We have conducted stack sampling at coal-fired utility plants, municipal incinerators, pulp and paper mills, automotive foundries, spray painting facilities, chemical manufacturing plants, and scrap metal recycling facilities. Numerous compliance source testing projects have been conducted for the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Environment Canada and the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Over the years, our team of professionals have enabled clients to achieve compliance and demonstrate due diligence with evolving air emission regulations and licensing requirements. This provides our clients with the confidence needed to operate their businesses successfully.

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