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Remington offers 'Air-Knifing' services to clients who require boreholes to be cleared prior to ground disturbance activities.  Air Knifing is a non-intrusive way of removing soil from a borehole location to ensure the absence of utilities, pipelines, and/or tanks. Though we offer water knifing services as well, we have found compressed air to be the gentlest way of dislodging material from the near surface without damaging underground utilities.  Water knife units can potentially rupture piping and cable insulation.  Water can also be problematic during wintertime due to freezing conditions.  Water knifing generates mud and mud can obscure utilities along the perimeter of the borehole.

Air Knifing (above the water table) returns material that can be easily vacuumed or swept away.  This is critical for locations where splattered muddy messes are unacceptable.  Simply put, Air Knifing allows one to quickly and neatly assure that it is safe to drill a location.

Our air-knifing rig consists of a high-cfm diesel air compressor to dislodge the material, and a vacuum unit to remove and store the material for later containerization (if required).

The small size and high maneuverability of the air knife unit enables us to operate in very small work areas (even indoors), and in high-traffic situations. We require only about 200 square feet of space to safely clear a hole.

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