Air Quality Analysis for Environmental Service



In support of the environmental review process, AKRF analyzes the potential air quality effects of a proposed project on the ambient environment as well as the potential effects from existing air pollution sources on proposed uses, such as new buildings and recreational spaces. AKRF uses advanced modeling techniques to simulate how ambient air pollutants emitted from a wide range of air pollution sources disperse and react in the atmosphere.

The scope of our services includes analyses of:

  • Mobile sources (increases in vehicle trips, construction or modification of roadways, temporary or permanent traffic diversions)
  • Non-road sources such as marine, locomotive, and construction equipment
  • Parking facilities
  • Stationary sources (heating systems, power-generating facilities)
  • Laboratory chemical spills
  • Odor analyses (from waste water facilities, industrial facilities, and biomass facilities)
  • Industrial sources and businesses emitting air toxics (cement plants, auto body businesses, dry cleaning businesses, metal plating businesses)

AKRF performs these analyses to determine effects at specific locations—open spaces, buildings, and sidewalks—and on a regional scale, to determine compliance with standards and consistency with federal, state, and local efforts to maintain and improve air quality.

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