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Whether modifying operations, opening a new facility, or re-permitting an existing one, HRP’s environmental consulting engineers have assisted companies throughout the U.S. in identifying and complying with federal, state and local requirements to keep their facilities operational.   Our team of consulting engineer professionals possesses the technical expertise, experience, innovative problem solving skills, and in-depth regulatory knowledge needed to tackle the complex issues raised by air regulations.

Our approach to helping you manage your air and other permits is to become a strategic partner in your overall growth and operational objectives. By understanding your short-, mid-, and long-term goals, we can be a better advocate for your interests and customize our approach accordingly.

HRP can complete all of your air quality management projects, ranging from routine emissions statements to complex permitting and stack testing. Our knowledge and proficiencies include:

State and Federal Air Permitting
We have successfully completed hundreds of air permitting projects including applications for PSD/Non-Attainment New Source Review permits, Title V operating permits, synthetic minor permits, and source exemption strategies and approvals.  Many of these permits included strategic capping to reduce requirements, RACT and BACT analysis, and incorporation of NSPS, MACT, and NESHAP requirements.  HRP’s environmental consultants are skilled in addressing permitting requirements at the local level including county requirements in many states, and city requirements in many metropolitan areas.

Air Emission Inventories (including Greenhouse Gas)
HRP has completed air emission inventories for a broad range of industries including food processing, foam, chemical, and appliance manufacturers to determine pollutant emission rates, identify regulatory requirements, evaluate compliance, and make recommendations to ensure compliance.

Upset/Maintenance Rule Compliance
Occasionally, clients may encounter control equipment malfunctions, permit exceedances, or violations.  We can assist you and/or your attorneys to proactively address Upset/Maintenance issues. We do this by understanding the issue and its root cause, by implementing strategies to address the issue, and by implementing management actions to prevent future violations.

Air Dispersion Modeling
HRP has a proven track record in completing air toxic modeling to evaluate potential impacts, review control strategies, develop strategic plans for future plant expansion, and conduct PSD modeling.  Our modeling is typically completed using the BEEST software platform.

Compliance Audits and Due Diligence Reviews
HRP’s environmental consulting engineers have conducted hundreds of compliance audits and staff training programs at industrial facilities to help our clients take proactive actions prior to regulatory inspections, thereby avoiding costly penalties and negative publicity. Our audits include detailed reviews of facility activities to ensure sources are properly permitted or exempted, recordkeeping is completed, and required reports are filed.  HRP’s due diligence reviews for asset acquisitions will assist you in identifying future compliance burdens and the associated cost of compliance options for asset acquisitions.

Source Testing
Our experienced professionals understand your stack testing needs. We develop stack testing protocols and manage the stack testing.  During this process, HRP’s greatest value is in ensuring that production and the stack tester are communicating effectively, and that relevant information is being collected. In carrying out these critical functions, credible emission factors are developed and potential compliance issues are addressed before they become an issue.

Regulatory Analysis and Compliance Management
We routinely complete regulatory analysis reviews for clients who are considering production increases or modifications.  The analysis includes a review of potential regulations that can impact the project, including but not limited to BACT, LAER, GACT, RACT, MAC, NSPS, PSD, NESHAPs, and control requirements. Based on the potential regulatory impacts, our engineering consultants work with you to implement strategies to minimize regulatory costs and requirements.

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