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Air Quality Assessments Ltd

Air Quality Modelling Services


Air Quality Assessments Ltd undertake atmospheric dispersion modelling for road traffic and point emissions sources.

he impacts from road traffic emissions are modelled using ADMS-Roads, which is used extensively across the UK for undertaking assessments in support of planning applications, and for local authority LAQM assessments.

ADMS 5 is used where the impacts from point sources, such as decentralised energy (biomass/CHP) or industrial sources, need to be assessed. ADMS 5 is used by the regulatory authorities in the UK, including the Environment Agency, Scottish Environmental Protection Agency, Natural Resources Wales and Northern Ireland Environment Agency. ADMS 5 can also be used to model the impact from odour sources.

The models are used in association with GIS to ensure the accurate placement of emissions sources, and to create graphical interpretations of the model outputs.

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