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Air quality regulations have begun to severely impact the profitability of both existing and proposed industrial facilities. In addition, the stringency of these regulations is increasing. A facility's ability to compete in the future will likely be influenced by its ability to develop cost-effective solutions to air quality challenges. GESI maintains a professional staff of air quality consultants that are able to provide a full range of air quality services. A priority of our staff is to remain at the forefront of regulatory and technical developments, enabling us to implement innovative approaches that meet your air quality compliance needs.

GESI provides air quality services for existing facilities that are faced with the need to understand and comply with more complex environmental regulations. We also provide air quality services for proposed (new) facilities and facility expansions or modifications where decisions regarding process design and facility siting are often affected by complex regulatory and permitting requirements.

The primary air quality services we offer include:

  • Permitting (Title V, PSD, NSR)
  • Regulatory Strategy Development
  • Compliance Assistance
  • Ventilation System Design and Construction
  • Emission Control System Design
  • Risk Management Programs
  • Emission Inventories
  • Dispersion Modeling

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