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JLC Environmental Consultants, Inc.

Air Quality Testing


Indoor air quality (IAQ) is a term referring to the air quality within and around structures, especially as it relates to the health, comfort and productivity of building occupants.    Statistically, people are spending more time indoors than ever before and the air quality inside a building often mimics the air quality outside a building.

JLC Environmental has been troubleshooting air quality problems since 1994.  JLC conducted sampling on a  1.1 million square foot high rise in Times Square when the owner's wanted testing on all floors prior to tenant occupancy.  JLC conducted air quality testing in the surrounding neighbors of Maspeth and Elmhurst, Queens during the demolition of the Elmhurst Natural Gas Tanks. The 7 acre site where these tanks were located is now an award winning park. 

Air quality can be affected by microbial contaminants (e.g. mold, legionella, and other bacteria), gases (e.g. carbon monoxide, radon, and volatile organic compounds), particulates or other airborne contaminants that can induce adverse health conditions.

Our industrial hygienists and environmental scientists help locate the source of the problem and find the right methods to control and correct it.  

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