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With over 40,000 hours of air sampling pump operational experience, Sullivan Environmental Consulting, Inc. is an industry leader in the air sampling business. Established in 1988, this east coast consulting firm has the capability to provide nationwide active and passive air sampling services whether your need be remote rural ambient airborne particulate sampling or industrial indoor odor sampling. After analysis by our partner laboratories, staff Certified Consulting Meteorologists can provide modeling support for ambient applications if necessary.


Equipped with an innovative array high tech array of 19 waterproof solar powered active air sampling stations capable of running for weeks at a time at any location without intervention, Sullivan Environmental is in the forefront of air sampling technologies.

With clients ranging geographically from California to Florida and the capacity to provide consulting services for small or large-scale air assessments, Sullivan Environmental has the experience and equipment to meet your air sampling needs.

  • Active Air Sampling
  • Passive Air Sampling
  • Particulate Sampling
  • Gas and Odor Sampling
  • Ambient Air Quality Sampling
  • EPA Method 0040 Sampling
  • Pesticide Air Sampling
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) Sampling
  • Industrial Worker Exposure Air Sampling
  • Expert Dispersion Modeling Analysis to Assess Ambient Implications
  • NIOSH and OSHA Air Testing

Sullivan Environmental has provided active air sampling (and dispersion modeling) services for over 20 major agricultural field studies resulting from the methyl bromide phase out … running strategically located networks of up to 18 air sampling pumps simultaneously, changing sampling tubes every four hours for dry ice overnight shipment and analysis by our partner laboratory.

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