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Ambient Air Analysis Service



For any modern industry, it has become essential to have a sustainabIe integration within a socio-economical. To reach such an objective, companies have to be committed to transparency and shall advertise on their environmental policy.

An environmental inventory including the assessment of the impact on the neighbourhood may be not only a legal obligation but also a valuable tool to gain the sympathy of the population. Indeed, many people are getting more and more concerned about the impact that the local industry may have on their environment. Certech provides services to assess the quality of air around an industrial site or a zoning.

We perform the monitoring of air - continuous or not - looking for medium or long term impacts of different parameters such as: dust, VOCs, odours, noise. The aim is a direct measurement of the potential nuisance in the environment with or without the involvement of residents, according to the will of industrials and authorities.

This approach has led us to develop a large panel of characterisation tools such as fixed measurement stations, sedimentable dust gauges, odors observatories,  etc ... Our results are alwas discussed and presented to the concerned parties. By comparing the episodes of nuisance with the operations taking place on an industrial site, it is often possible to identify clearly the most critical steps in terms of dispersion and impact.

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