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Ambient Monitoring Service


Bison Engineering has been building and operating ambient monitoring and meteorological monitoring networks since 1980. Bison’s past and current ambient monitoring projects are located throughout the Western U.S. with extensive work in the Rocky Mountain Region and the Pacific Northwest. This experience includes work in PSD, Class I, non-attainment and other environmentally sensitive areas. Bison’s proven track record in measurement, evaluation and prediction of pollution effects on the environment allows us to develop techniques to track and coordinate large amounts of data with high recovery rates. So whether you need a simple monitoring station or a complex wireless ambient/meteorological station – Bison can help!

Bison Engineering’s experience in Ambient Monitoring includes:

  • PM10 sampling using mass high and low volume samplers
  • PM2.5 sampling using reference method and beta-gauge technology
  • Total settled particulate (dustfall) collection
  • In-house processing of dustfall samples, PM10 and PM2.5 filters in a climate controlled laboratory
  • Meteorological stations
  • Gaseous pollutants including NOx, Ozone, SO2, H2S, and CO
  • Wireless and/or network enabled stations

Our services include monitoring plan development, equipment and location selection, quality control/assurance manuals, installation, system audits/calibrations/certifications and operation. We work with our clients to ascertain the appropriate level of services needed. Whatever your ambient monitoring needs are, Bison is here to assist you!

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