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We believe that all questions and advices regarding ecological issues should be based on sound ecological data. Whether you perform an Environmental Impact Assessment, design a plan for the ecological restoration of an area, or making a management plan for a protected area such as a Natura 2000-area, the work should be based on thorough knowledge on the distribution of habitats and the relevant species. The type of survey - censuses, mapping habitats, remote sensing, detailed distribution surveys - and the way it should be performed depends on the target species and the topic for which the results will be used.

A&W staff has experience with surveys of birds, large herbivores (e.g. elephant, African grazers, deer, geese), large carnivores (tiger, crocodiles, wolves, bear, lynx), small mammals (e.g. bats), and fish. We have long term experience with a variety of methods and also can analyse the results, using up-to-date techniques (GIS, statistics etc.). For more information please contact dr. Leo Bruinzeel.

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