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Applied Materials - Vacuum Coating


Process Water and Waste Treatment for the Solar Branch, Vacuum Coating, Thin-Film Cells.


One of the leading manufacturing enterprises of special equipment and manufacturing processes for semi-conductors, electro-techniques and solar energy engineering, is currently operating a technological centre in Lower Franconia, German for solar technology vacuum processes. Highly modern production equipment for thin-film coatings is being installed. The process requires highly purified water for the washing and cleaning procedures. During various of the processing stages, waste water is accumulated from the wet etch processes and the buner scrubbers. The EnviroChemie Group supplies the entire plant for the process water and for the waste water treatment.

EnviroFALK Process water

The demineralised water is gained from the public mains water by means of FALK equipment, which consists of water softening plant, reversal osmosis equipment and a polisher in two circulatory systems. The plant is supplied already erected on racks and has a capacity for the production of 2 x 1000 l/h of highly purified water.

Technical Data

Capacity: 2 x 1000 l/h
Conductivity: 0,1 µS/cm
pH:    7
Temperature: max. 50 °C

EnviroChemie waste water

The waste water is primarily contaminated with HF and HCl. The Envochem® Plant treats waste water chemico physically and dehydrates the impinging sludge. The treated waste water complies with the requirements of the local waste water regulations. The basic characteristic of the process is the double-walled construction of the waste water piping and tanks, which offer a high measure of safety. EnviroChemie supplies the entire piping from the impingement of waste water right through to the treatment plant.

The EnviroFALK Plant as well as the Envochem plant is prefabricated and ready to be connected up on site.

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