Southwest Ground-water Consultants, Inc. (SGC)

Southwest Ground-water Consultants, Inc. (SGC)

Aquifer Recharge Services


SGC specializes in hydrogeology as it relates to the development of groundwater resources and the recharge and recovery of water through percolation ponds, vadose zone wells, and ASR wells.  SGC’s expertise in characterization of the underlying aquifer and vadose zone through infiltration testing, borehole and well installation and testing, and groundwater flow modeling is a critical component in obtaining USF and APP permits.  SGC has prepared numerous USF and APP permits working successfully with the agencies, project engineers, and clients. 

SGC’s recharge services include: 

  • Aquifer Characterization / Infiltration Testing
  • Well and Basin Design
  • Pilot Testing (Vadose Zone Wells, Aquifer Storage & Recovery (ASR) Wells, and Basins)
  • Mounding Analysis / Area of Impact
  • Monitoring, Testing, and Reporting
  • Permitting

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