Ceres Environmental Services, Inc.

Arboricultural & Wood Waste Management


Ceres Environmental Services, Inc. operates wood waste recycling facilities located in Minnesota and Texas. These operations take in wood waste from tree services, land clearing companies, and local citizens. Through a mechanized reduction process, some of the wood waste is manufactured into organic mulches, and some is composted and aged over time into flowerbed mixes and soil amendments.

Both operations offer a variety of mulches including: natural hardwood, color enhanced hardwood mulches, cedar, cypress, wood chips, playground chips, and others. These products are then sold to garden centers, landscape supply stores, and landscape contractors.

Recycling is the key component in this process. We take in public waste in the form of unwanted wood and brush, reduce it through grinding, and then process it into a highly desired organic product. Through our distribution channels, it is then sold back to the public for use in landscape applications for moisture retention, weed control, and ornamental enhancement of gardens, flowerbeds and trees. As an organic material, it will break down over time and decompose in place, leaving desirable minerals and nutrients to replenish the surrounding soil. It has then come full circle from unwanted waste to a useful landscape product.

National magazines, including Biocycle and Wood Waste Recycling, have featured Ceres’ urban wood waste recycling efforts and emergency debris management services. Ceres Environmental Services, Inc. was also the honored recipient of the Minnesota Governor’s Certificate of Commendation in 1995 for our innovation in the tree recycling industry. Our letters of commendation and high post project evaluations are numerous.

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