Our company provides services for the identification and management of the “Asbestos” problem. This includes property surveys for public and private use and surveys of civil and industrial structures according to the legal requirements specified by the Law 257 of 1992 and the Ministerial Decree 6/9/94. We provide comprehensive asbestos management and safety systems in all situations in which the presence of asbestos may be to the detriment of human health. Our technical staff, made up of qualified professionals, has years of experience in the mapping and management of buildings where asbestos is present and also in the management of criticality, including environmental contamination from materials containing asbestos and making sites safe. We can provide our clients with all the responses in an analytical and prompt way as our company has a laboratory which has been accredited by the Italian Ministry of Health to perform analyses of materials suspected of containing asbestos using the technical methods in PCOM for bulk materials and airborne fibres and those specified in FTIR for bulk materials. Through sampling and air analysis we are able to evaluate indoor and outdoor environmental contamination according to the specifications of the Ministerial Decree 6/9/94. We then carry out control and maintenance plans as cited in Article 4 of this Decree. Using our expert professionals we may assume the role of “Project Manager for control and maintenance plans”. Such a position is fundamental in the management of maintenance activities on artefacts containing asbestos. Moreover, in a global service for asbestos criticality, our company can direct the client both towards prompt risk management as well as towards decisive activities for asbestos removal using the most professional companies accredited in this sector. We also provide legal assistance and technical-health consultation in all situations regarding “asbestos” which may involve damage to people from exposure to asbestos fibres.

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