Environmental Health Investigations, Inc. (EHI)

Asbestos Inspection and Testing


EHI has extensive experience in the areas of asbestos inspection, asbestos bulk surveys, asbestos air sampling, abatement specifications, asbestos project design, project management and monitoring, asbestos investigation and asbestos consultant and expert witness for our New Jersey (NJ) and New York (NY) clients. EHI is a licensed asbestos safety control monitor in the state of New Jersey. Our experienced staff understands complies with the New Jersey asbestos regulations. We are also a licensed abatement contractor in New York State, which allows us to perform our inspection and monitoring services. Our staff includes licensed Project Designers, Management Planners, Inspectors, NYC Investigators, Air Sampling Technicians and Project Monitors. Both NJ and NY recently announced new Asbestos Regulations. EHI staff can respond to both the NJ Asbestos Regulation and the NY Asbestos Regulations on your behalf.

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