Linebach Funkhouser, Inc. (LFI)

Asbestos Surveys and Abatement Oversight Services



Whether asbestos is in the way of your building demolition or renovation project, or you have asbestos in a building that needs to be properly managed, LFI can help. We have some of the most experienced asbestos experts in the industry.Our team will assist you throughout the entire process, including identification and removal or management of asbestos containing materials (ACM), navigation through the complex regulations, and meeting government agency requirements.

LFI can help you with…

  • Surveys and identification of ACM
  • Preparation of cost estimates for abatement
  • Preparation of bid documents for abatement
  • Selection of asbestos abatement contractors
  • Abatement oversight and air monitoring
  • Operation and Maintenance (O&M) programs
  • Employee training

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