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Sureclean Limited

Asbestos Surveys and Bulk Sampling Services



Our team is fully qualified to undertake building surveys and bulk sampling in order to locate asbestos still present within buildings, factories and installations. On a project-by-project basis the best course of action is determined, based on the condition and location of the asbestos and other local considerations.  Upon completion of the survey a decision can be made on the course of action to take. For example, it may be concluded that the asbestos is safest left in place undisturbed, or it may be necessary to encapsulate the asbestos using non-asbestos material, or it may be determined that the best course of action is to carry out a controlled asbestos removal.

Turnkey Asbestos Managment and Handling

Sureclean provide a turnkey asbestos management and handling service.  This means that in a single operation, we can help you solve the problem of locating asbestos and ensuring its safe removal, transportation and disposal via our licenced transfer stations or directly to the disposal site.

  • Professional Turnkey Management and Handling
  • Sampling and Identification
  • Advisory Service

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