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We have learned a lot during our 20+ years administering commercial environmental abatement projects. First, we understand you may not be here because you want to be. In part, you may be here because regulations stand between you and your commercial demolition or renovation project. (40 CFR Part 763 (AHERA), Cal-OSHA Section 1529 or the Air Quality Management District (AQMD) Rule 1403).  These, along with other state and municipal regulations, require that your building be tested for asbestos building materials prior to any activity which might disturb them and that identified hazardous materials are removed properly. You’re also here because providing a safe working environment for general contractors and employees is the right thing to do. We appreciate and agree that this process should be as quick and economical as possible.

BUT don't confuse the lowest quoted fee for asbestos testing with your least expensive solution. It isn't:

Step 1: Testing by one of Ellis’ licensed, EPA-certified building inspectors will tell you whether or not the area you’ll be working in contains asbestos.  And when asbestos (or damaged lead paint) is identified, testing is merely the first of a three-step process.

Step 2: If abatement is required, you will need a clear and simple work plan to show to bidding contractors. Ellis provides this service. We give contractors a clear idea of the work required. And when the scope of work is clear, bids are lowered.

Step 3: After bids are received, you will need a representative - an experienced professional acting on your behalf - to manage the process on a daily basis. This will include pre-abatement and post-abatement inspections, monitoring of adjacent areas during the work, final inspection and clearance sampling.  Ellis’ final clearance notice, signed by a California certified asbestos consultant, is the assurance you and your general contractor need to continue your project.

Choosing the right firm to do the testing - and keeping that firm by your side through the entire abatement process - is your fastest, least expensive, long-term solution.

Ellis Environmental; your best choice to avoid costly mistakes and delays.

Ellis has administered $62+ million in asbestos abatement projects for major studios, universities, property managers and lenders in California. Our longevity with valued-but demanding clients is a testament to the quality and efficiency of our work.

Quite simply, you can turn over your environmental testing and administrative services to us, knowing that Ellis will administer each phase of the process – testing, abatement and clearance - efficiently.

Our team includes State-certified asbestos consultants (CACs) and surveillance technicians (CSSTs). Ellis hires only those individuals with degrees in environmental science or industrial hygiene. Why?  Because potentially and through the years, you’ll need advice and guidance on a wide variety of hazardous materials issues.  We can be there at each step. Our goal is to perform as experts on your behalf, saving you time, money and mistakes. This is why we've been able to build long-lasting relationships with some of the most demanding clients in California.

Duane Behrens brought 15+ years of construction and abatement experience to the founding of Ellis in 1994. Many of these years were with Versar, Inc. one of the largest, most respected names in environmental services. He has acted as construction manager and owner's representative on many complex municipal construction and soils remediation projects.

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