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Assessment and Remediation Services



LFI’s professionals are recognized experts in environmental assessment and remediation. We give talks, teach workshops, and provide field training on both of these disciplines. Our professionals have conducted projects in over 30 states and 9 US EPA regions, including several state Voluntary Remediation Programs. We have the technical sense to know how to employ cutting-edge equipment and methodologies in the field, the business sense to apply these technologies cost-effectively, and the common sense to know that the simplest solution is usually the best.

We are accustomed to working under the requirements of consent decrees, agreed orders, RCRA closure plans, and confidentiality agreements.

LFI provides no-nonsense answers to the THREE KEY QUESTIONS that drive most assessment and remediation projects:

  1. What are the environmental concerns and liabilities associated with the property?
  2. What are the costs and options for addressing the concerns within the planned redevelopment or end-use scenario?
  3. Which option would LFI choose if we owned the property and were directly responsible for financing the cleanup ourselves?

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