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Asset & Inventory Management Service



Magnolia River provides a full range of digital asset and inventory management services for infrastructure and land-based assets. We understand the challenge of managing the entire “life cycle” of infrastructure and physical assets in a constrained budget environment to safeguard sustainable levels of service for our clients and their clients. With services ranging from the creation of an asset management plan to physical inventory and data capture with GPS and traditional land survey methods, Magnolia River is prepared to guide and implement specific client requirements with knowledgeable and experienced professionals.

Magnolia River assesses each client’s needs and priorities to establish a systematic approach to asset management. Our goal is to educate, communicate, and collaborate on every aspect of the asset management workflow from data collection to GIS installation in order to ensure mutual understanding and successful project implementation.

Magnolia River provides asset management services for many industries including natural gas, water, sewer, electric, forestry, real estate, road and highway, universities, municipalities, airports, landfills, recreation areas, and military installations, among others.

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