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Automated Treatment Systems



Most remedial projects do not require the full life-cycle of automated treatment systems (ATSs). Therefore, despite their remedial efficiency, the capital costs are prohibitive considering their fractional life-cycle usage and limited residual market value post-remediation. As such, Brown Environmental fabricates and leases these systems to clients thereby reducing client capital expenditures, eliminating disposition time and costs, and reducing corporate taxes. Common ATSs include: groundwater recovery/treat/amend/reinjection systems, bioslurp systems, dual phase extraction systems, bioventing systems, and SVE/sparging systems.

Mass recovery systems are often coupled with in-situ treatment processes involving the delivery of amendments materials to the subsurface to encourage biological growth, chemically oxidize organic material, or mobilize contaminants toward physical recovery points. All systems are outfitted with programmable logic controllers that can be accessed remotely and that contact Brown when alarm conditions occur thereby reducing operation and maintenance costs.

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