Automation Engineering

Efficiency and productivity are decisive success factors for manufacturing industries. We can help you design or optimize the process workflow by defining the functions and area of the control system and by developing hardware configurations and software solutions that suite your needs best. Furthermore, we could help you with system installation and initiation.

Engineering plays a central role in the automation process especially as it relates to ever more complex machinery and plants. For that reason, a high level of efficiency is already demanded at the engineering stage, as the first step toward better production: faster, more flexible, and more intelligent.

We can help your engineers reach the full potential of your automation systems by reviewing, redesigning and optimizing the electrical schematics, software and mechanical blocks. Furthermore, we can design an entirely new automatic system according to your requirements.

For CAD and circuit design we use EPLAN Electrical P8 and SolidWorks.

We are competent in the three main types of software used in automation:

  • Human Machine Interface (HMI) deals with the interaction between an operator and input devices such as touch screen panels, buttons and switches. We can design a HMI that conforms to the requirements for efficiency and user-friendly operation.
  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) is used for controlling and monitoring of ongoing processes. The basic design of SCADA systems includes: a PC as an operator station, a database collecting data for future analysis and a graphical user interface (GUI) that facilitates the human-machine interaction. Our team is experienced in building a SCADA system in compliance with both the latest industrial standards and the customer’s own needs.
  • Programmable Logical Controller (PLC) software can be found in industrial or building automation controllers responsible for the automation of electromechanical processes. Our engineers can create PLC software in accordance with IEC61131 standard: ladder logic, structured text, function block diagram and sequential function chart.

The implementation of high-end computing equipment and more powerful automatic components is one of the main initiators of industrial progress. Advanced technologies result in better quality, productivity and competitiveness. We can assist you in every stage of the introduction of new technologies - from the initial research up until installation and integration.

Services we can deliver:

  • Object research, functions definitions and area of the control system
  • Development of different hardware configurations, software solutions and control possibilities
  • Design and construction of automation control systems
  • System configuration and parameters definition
  • Project management
  • System installation and start up
  • Staff training
  • Warranty and after warranty service

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