Oxbow Carbon LLC

Oxbow Carbon LLC

Bagging, Screening, and Distribution Services


Our Distribution Department can respond to any storage, transshipment, screening, washing, drying, bagging, technical service and inventory management needs. We use major sea-going and inland terminals to store coal and solid fuel products. This allows us to utilize the best facilities to grade, screen, clean and improve the product quality. Oxbow provides a tailor-made product with the best technical and logistical support, as well as advice on coal evaluation and blend studies.

Bagging, Screening, and Distribution Expertise

Terror Creek Coal Company outside of Somerset, Colorado screens super-compliant bituminous coal for the domestic power market. Oxbow Carbon’s European terminals handle and screen petroleum coke, activated carbon and coal.

Oxbow's distribution markets are situated at Flushing, Terneuzen, Ghent, Rouen, Dunkerque, Nancy, Mondelange and Duisburg. Smaller depots and stockyards across France serve the home heating market.

Oxbow maintains and operates a fully equipped laboratory at the Terneuzen distribution center to ensure technical compliance of all products.

Customer Satisfaction

All yards are managed with the same high standards with regard to health, safety and environment and can load solid fuels on truck, barge, train and coaster.

Oxbow’s Distribution Department is certified to ISO 9001:2000 by Lloyd’s Register.

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