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Baufeld–Umwelt-Engineering GmbH provides these services: For domestic and foreign clients, owners of contaminated sites, project managers, official agencies and authorities, project financiers. As responsible party for entire site or for subsections of a project. As an independent business partner or as a cooperation partner in joint ventures. In project development, project administration and as chief project engineer. As pilot projects prior to the remediation works.

Project Organization
We organize your project so that it is carried out effectively and economically. All parties involved in the remediation participate in the process, from the customers/owners of hazardous waste, the responsible licensing/ technical authorities and external experts to the construction, disposal and transport service contractors.

Risk Assessment & Hazard Assessment
We collect and check the basic data that is available for your contaminated location. Based on an assessment of the quantity of hazardous material and the spatial distribution thereof, the potential danger to the areas requiring protection is determined and the financial risk for the customer is estimated.

Feasibility Studies & Remediation Plans
We check the technological and financial feasibility of your clean-up, prepare technical clean-up plans and prepare decision-making documents for the customer and the authorities. Option comparisons and cost-benefit analyses are carried out in collaboration with the assessors and the preferred options are determined, together with the associated timing and financial constraints.

Remediation Planning
We plan the technologies and processes for recovery, material preparation, logistics and disposal/recycling for environmentally sound and economical remediation, and we ensure that the necessary approval is obtained. Based on the hazard assessment we define immediate measures for dealing with the hazard.

Project Management & Control
We take over the responsibility for coordinating the preparation and implementation of the remediation together with all the other parties that are involved. We prepare the decisions for the individual clean-up phases and processes on your behalf. With the provision that the stipulated timing and financial constraints are adhered to, we ensure that the clean-up does not exceed the budget or deadline. We organize public relations work and coordination with neighboring landowners and affected parties.

Selecting Remediation Technologies & Processes
We choose the most suitable remediation technologies and processes for your remediation, whereby the main focus is on maximum recycling of waste products. When this choice is being made the most important factors are the stability and durability of the installations and consistent quality of the processed materials, in order to ensure that disposal takes place safely and that maximum protection from emissions is provided.

Development of Waste Disposal & Recycling Plans
Together with the operators of selected disposal systems and recycling companies we develop a safe and economic waste disposal and recycling plan for your remediation project. The quality of the waste materials and the requirements of the recycling systems are decisive in this respect. Special preparation technologies and processes have been developed for the energetic recycling of sensitive waste materials (acid sludge, tars, oil sludge…).

Site Supervision, Site Monitoring & Safety Coordination
We take over the professional organization and control of the remediation work and negotiations with the remediation companies on site on your behalf. For remediation to be successful it is essential that remediation targets are met and official requirements are complied with, technical safety work is coordinated with regard to emission protection and safety at work, and budgets and deadlines are adhered to.

Creation of Subsequent Usage Plans & Site Development
We have gathered many good ideas and concepts for the subsequent use of remediation areas, and we are happy to provide you this experience in planning the re-use of your hazardous waste. An understanding of the nature of your site and a financial estimate pave the way for alternative re-use plans and prudent site development. Plans that integrate renewable energy are just one example.

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