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Brownfield Redevelopment


Galli Engineering performs services to remediate Brownfields. Brownfields are properties whose opportunities for redevelopment have been hindered because of environmental contamination. Various governmental agencies offer incentives in the form of grants and tax credits to rejuvenate these unused properties. Because of the complexity often associated with these sites, it is important to consult an experienced team of professionals to execute these projects through completion. Galli Engineering's ability to integrate all elements of Brownfield redevelopment from site investigation through regulatory compliance, remediation and the design of engineered construction elements ensures a well-managed and efficient solution.

  • Evaluating Brownfield redevelopment opportunities
  • Developing risk-based cleanup objectives based on future planned used of the property
  • Completing and submitting application materials and reports to NYSDEC for inclusion into the program
  • Ensuring compliance with environmental laws and regulations
  • Facilitating Environmental Restoration Programs for Municipalities

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