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Brownfield Redevelopment Services


PM Environmental, Inc. (PM) provides services to assist municipalities and developers in identifying and obtaining funding sources, implementing cost effective environmental site assessments, preparing and where appropriate, remedial investigations and remedial action plans. PM Environmental can prepare Brownfield Redevelopment Work Plans and assist Local Units of Government in preparing applications for State and Federal Brownfield Loan and Grant Programs.

PM Environmental has assisted several municipalities in successfully applying for Brownfield assessment and cleanup grants from the USEPA.  Additionally, PM Environmental is the technical consultant for several municipalities and assists with implementing and managing the USEPA grants.

PM Environmental understands that a flexible, creative, and innovative approach for Brownfield redevelopment is critical for project success and maximum return. PM Environmental has successfully worked with private developers, USEPA, state agencies, and local governments to complete Brownfield projects. Based on this approach PM Environmental’s clients have succeeded in many private and public redevelopment projects which otherwise may not have been feasible.

PM Environmental’s Brownfield redevelopment and management services consider strategies and tools for evaluation of project critical issues, such as market trends, demographics, land use options, infrastructures and construction, investment requirements, government incentives, available financing, and expected returns. Working with experienced real estate, legal and development professionals, PM Environmental’s Brownfield redevelopment and management team can successfully complete all aspects of Brownfield redevelopment projects.


  • Concentrations of regulated chemicals are present in soil or groundwater above the residential cleanup criteria.


  • Abandoned and declared a public nuisance based on local code or ordinance, dangerous to children, utilities disconnected, etc.

Functionally Obsolete

  • Property is unable to adequately perform the function for which it was intended due to substantial loss in value from factors such as overcapacity, changes in technology, deficiencies or super adequacies in design.

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