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Bulk Waste Disposal



Clean Harbors Bulk Waste Disposal Services provide a wide variety of recycling, treatment and disposal options for hazardous and non-hazardous liquids, solids, semi-solids, and sludge. We offer a range of transportation methods to move your bulk waste to one of Clean Harbors waste disposal facilities by truck, rail and ship. Our extensive logistics, transportation and waste management capabilities ensure efficient and cost effective disposal of all types of bulk waste. Our turnkey approach to providing bulk transportation and disposal services offers customers a wide variety of logistic options, liability protection, and an infrastructure of waste management facilities that is unmatched in North America, servicing all of the U.S. and Canada, northern Mexico and Puerto Rico.

  • From your facility direct to the disposal facility
  • Rail transportation
  • Truck-to-rail transloading
  • Multiple shipments
  • Campaigns, projects

  • Rubber lined, glass lined, tanker and vacuum trucks
  • Rolloffs
  • Vacuum boxes
  • Frac tanks
  • Lugger boxes
  • Dewatering boxes
  • Tank trailers
  • Vacuum trailers
  • Isotainers
  • Bulk liquid rail cars
  • Gondola cars
  • Flatcars
  • Intermodal boxes

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