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  • Waste Disposal & Recycling

  • Recycling Services

    Recycling Services

    Clean Harbors is committed to conserving natural resources and protecting the environment by providing viable alternatives to disposal. Our Recycling Services offer a variety of recycling, reuse and reclamation options for hazardous and non-hazardous materials including solvents, chemicals and oil, light bulbs, transformers and other electrical equipment. Our recycling and reuse program finds beneficial uses for manufacturing by-products, and we...

  • Bulk Waste Disposal

    Bulk Waste Disposal

    Clean Harbors Bulk Waste Disposal Services provide a wide variety of recycling, treatment and disposal options for hazardous and non-hazardous liquids, solids, semi-solids, and sludge. We offer a range of

  • Drum Waste Disposal

    Drum Waste Disposal

    Hazardous or non-hazardous containerized waste ranging from a few ounces to 55-gallon drums and up to cubic yard size containers is efficiently collected and properly disposed of through Clean Harbors’ waste collection and disposal services. Handling large and small quantity generators, Clean Harbors services customers with one location or thousands of locations. Regular waste pickups ensure you ship within your regulatory guidelines and stay in...

  • Incineration


    Clean Harbors is the industry's leading provider of high-tech, high-temperature destruction of hazardous and industrial waste. Broad permit capabilities and high throughputs deliver maximum convenience and efficiency to customers. With nearly 70% of North America's incineration capacity, our six incineration facilities in the U.S. and Canada ensure we can meet any requirement from any customer. Clean Harbors’ kilns are capable of processing...

  • Wastewater Treatment

    Wastewater Treatment

    Clean Harbors Wastewater Treatment Services provide a wide range of aqueous treatment technologies for liquid and semi-liquid hazardous and non-hazardous wastewater. Through our network of company treatment facilities located throughout North America we can accept waste in bulk and drum and via rail.

  • Landfill


    Clean Harbors provides cost-effective, safe and secure land disposal of hazardous, non-hazardous waste at company owned landfills throughout North America. Sites are state-of-the-art and fully engineered with sophisticated liner and leachate collection systems. Continuous monitoring, as well as strong financial mechanisms, protects Clean Harbors and our customers from future liabilities.

  • Fuel Blending

    Fuel Blending

    Clean Harbors Fuel Blending Services divert the use of fossil fuels as an energy source for cement production and provide an economical recycling option for high BTU (>5,000 BTUs/pound) liquids, sludge and solids, which are blended into an alternative fuel for cement kilns.

  • Used Oil & Oil Products Recycling Services

    Used Oil & Oil Products Recycling Services

    Clean Harbors Used Oil and Oil Products Recycling Services provide turnkey services to pickup, transport and recycle used oil, oil filters and antifreeze. We clean oil water separators and provide automotive and fleet support services for automotive service centers, dealerships, garages and fleets.

  • PCB Disposal

    PCB Disposal

    Clean Harbors PCB Disposal Services handle all types of PCB (polychlorinated biphenyl) related wastes including transformers, capacitors, ballasts and assorted liquids and solids. Depending on regulations and customer preferences, PCB materials can be recycled, incinerated, treated or landfilled.

  • Explosives Management

    Explosives Management

    Clean Harbors Explosives Management Services provide risk-free management of explosive and reactive wastes at one of our EPA-approved thermal treatment facilities. Quality control is of utmost importance with Clean Harbors, exceeding government requirements and eliminating the risk of costly waste rejections while guaranteeing the timely processing of approvals, quotes, and schedules.

  • Medical Waste Management & Destruction

    Medical Waste Management & Destruction

    Clean Harbors Medical Waste Management and Destruction Services provide destruction via incineration of medical related waste including pharmaceuticals, biohazards, pathogens and chemotherapeutic wastes for hospitals, pharmaceutical, biotechnology companies and research & development institutions. Destruction by incineration ensures the greatest liability protection, and is the safest, most secure and most reliable method for disposing of...

  • Consumer Product Disposal

    Consumer Product Disposal

    Clean Harbors Consumer Product Disposal Services provide the collection, packaging, and disposal of damaged, out-of-date, expired or recalled consumer products. Our processing capabilities coupled with our logistical support, afford you to work with just one company to handle 100% of the transportation and disposal of your unwanted consumer products.

  • Shredding Services

    Shredding Services

    Customers often generate hazardous and non-hazardous wastes that contain sensitive information, trade secrets, or packing and labeling which have their company name or trademark on them. Clean Harbors Shredding Services guarantee that the waste products will be completely defaced prior to disposal and that they cannot be pilfered, reused or resold once shredded.

  • Large-Scale Waste Removal & Disposal Projects

    Large-Scale Waste Removal & Disposal Projects

    Clean Harbors provides turnkey offsite transportation and landfill or incineration disposal services for soil and other contaminated media generated from remediation activities. Clean Harbors can also assist remediation contractors and project managers with support services including groundwater disposal, investigation derived waste (IDW) disposal, rolloff container management, and many other related services.

  • Container Management Services

    Container Management Services

    Clean Harbors has nearly 10,000 containers of various types and sizes such as open and closed top rolloffs, vacuum containers, dewatering containers, frac tanks and specialty containers to service all industries. Whether the containers are used for daily storage, in-plant transfers, off-site disposal, emergencies or turnarounds, Clean Harbors can supply the right container for your needs. Clean Harbors provides comprehensive Container Management Services...

  • Transportation Services

    Transportation Services

    Clean Harbors Transportation Services provide the widest range of truck, rail and ship transportation of waste materials. Our logistics systems allow us to manage and coordinate our fleet across the U.S., Canada, northern Mexico and Puerto Rico. Our turnkey approach to providing transportation services offers a wide variety of transportation options and liability protection.

  • Emergency Response Services

  • Oil Spill Response

    Oil Spill Response

    Clean Harbors Oil Spill Responses Services handles oil and oil related products of all types on land and in water. From fuel, fuel oil to #6 oil and crude, we have resources and expertise to handle any size spill. Our abilities include the deployment of containment hard boom and recovery of product on land and water (skimming, pumps, vacuum trucks). We can also store recovered product (mobile storage tanks, transporters).

  • Chemical & Hazardous Material Spill Response

    Chemical & Hazardous Material Spill Response

    Clean Harbors Chemical and Hazardous Material Response Services handle chemical spills and releases of all types in liquid, solid, semi-solid and gas forms. From immediate response and containment, to cleanup, disposal and remediation, Clean Harbors can handle any size release.

  • Biological & Infectious Agent Response

    Biological & Infectious Agent Response

    Clean Harbors Biological and Infectious Agent Response Services respond to any emergency condition including an infectious substance in a school, cruise ship, hotel or other building, or to disasters resulting from terrorist activity such as an etiological agent.

  • Natural Disaster Response

    Natural Disaster Response

    Clean Harbors Natural Disaster Response Services stands ready to deploy hundreds of experienced 40-hour trained and certified workers to meet the needs of any incident from hurricanes and earthquakes to major storms, floods, mudslides and fires. Whatever the response requires, from Level C through Level A, we handle a wide range of hazardous materials including oil, gasoline, chemical, debris and biological hazards.

  • Emergency Pump-Outs

    Emergency Pump-Outs

    Clean Harbors Emergency Pump-out Services provide fast and efficient clean out of sumps, pits, manholes, tanks and vessels of any size. We handle pump-outs of products at various temperatures, pressures and consistencies, including hazardous and non-hazardous materials in liquid, semi-solid and solid forms. Clean Harbors maintains a variety of pumps to conduct on-site transfer of fuels and chemicals, ranging from 200 gallons per minute to 1,500...

  • Emergency Lab Packing

    Emergency Lab Packing

    Clean Harbors Emergency Lab Packing Services provide immediate response to remove laboratory chemicals in emergency situations. Our chemists identify, categorize, separate, and package chemicals from laboratory spills and fires, and the cleanout of clandestine labs. Clean Harbors technicians handle reactive and oxidizer removal, including inhibitors and on-site stabilization, as well as cylinder and compressed gas management and disposal. Clean...

  • Emergency Waste Disposal

    Emergency Waste Disposal

    Clean Harbors Emergency Waste Disposal Services can dispatch drivers and vehicles to handle virtually any situation requiring immediate waste transportation and disposal, whether it is the result of an emergency, or the result of nearing or exceeding your hazardous waste storage time deadline.

  • Standby Emergency Response Coverage

    Standby Emergency Response Coverage

    By signing up for Clean Harbors Standby Emergency Response Coverage, you have the assurance that your plant, facility or business has the necessary coverage and response should an environmental emergency arise. No one can predict when a spill, accident or disaster will happen, but our customers expect that we be prepared to respond and have a plan of action. We provide emergency response and response readiness effectively handling any size and type of...

  • National Response Coverage Programs

    National Response Coverage Programs

    Throughout the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico, Clean Harbors National Response Coverage Program ensures transportation companies and fleets, companies with multiple locations or that transact business over a wide geographic area have the environmental emergency response coverage they need. By signing up for our National Response Coverage Program you have the assurance that your business has the necessary coverage and response should an environmental...

  • Chemical Packing

  • CleanPack Laboratory Chemical Packing

    CleanPack Laboratory Chemical Packing

    Clean Harbors CleanPack Laboratory Chemical Packing Services provides proper recognition, handling, packaging, transportation and disposal of laboratory chemicals. We also perform laboratory relocations, closures and cleanouts.

  • Household Hazardous Waste

    Household Hazardous Waste

    Clean Harbors conducts thousands of household hazardous waste (HHW) and pesticide collection programs throughout North America collecting paints, solvents, batteries, fluorescent lamps, pesticides, cleaners and other hazardous materials during these one-day, multi-day and mobile programs. Our HHW specialists work closely with customers to identify short and long-term objectives, as well as explore viable options that can lower liability and maximize...

  • Reactive Material Services

    Reactive Material Services

    Clean Harbors Reactive Material Services provide on-site remediation and stabilization services for unstable, shock sensitive, explosives or materials restricted from transportation. Whether managing a small remote-opening project or a multi-phase remedial operation, our experience, technical and operational resources, and compliance history uniquely qualify us to solve the reactive and unstable chemical disposal needs of customers throughout the U.S.,...

  • Cylinder & Compressed Gas Management

    Cylinder & Compressed Gas Management

    Clean Harbors Cylinder and Compressed Gas Management Services provide safe and cost-effective on-site management and off-site disposal of cylinders and compressed gases, from the removal of a single lecture bottle to large scale multi-phase cylinder remediation projects. Our cylinder disposal services handle a wide range of materials including Hydrogen Cyanide, Anhydrous (HCN), Tetrafluorohydrazine (TFH), and Pentaborane. Each cylinder brought into the...

  • CustomPack Self-Pack Program

    CustomPack Self-Pack Program

    Clean Harbors CustomPack Self-Pack Program offers generators of lab pack quantity waste economical and environmentally-sound disposal options. Clean Harbors works closely with our clients to develop specific aspects of the program to best suit each customer.

  • Laboratory Moves

    Laboratory Moves

    Whether one laboratory, hazardous material stockrooms, or an entire research building needs to be moved across the state or internationally, Clean Harbors Laboratory Move Services ensure the move is completed quickly, efficiently, and in full compliance with all federal, state, and international regulations. Our chemists package the chemicals intended to be moved in the same manner as chemicals intended for disposal, following the same regulations and...

  • DEA Controlled Substance Management

    DEA Controlled Substance Management

    Clean Harbors DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) Controlled Substance Management Services provide the secure transportation and complete destruction of DEA controlled substances, and ensures compliance with EPA and DEA requirements. We handle all types of substances including off-spec product and out-of-date or returned products that are high in value and require safe and secure disposal.

  • Radioactive Services & Disposal

    Radioactive Services & Disposal

    Clean Harbors Radioactive Services and Disposal provide a broad range of radiological services that ensure full compliance with all DOT, NRC, state and local regulations through a network of approved and certified disposal outlets and our own internal radioactive waste disposal capabilities.

  • Field Services

  • Vacuum Services

    Vacuum Services

    Clean Harbors specialized Vacuum Services collect and transport wet or dry hazardous and non-hazardous materials. Vacuum equipment including stainless steel, carbon steel, dry and liquid units is selected based on the nature and quantity of the material to be removed. Clean Harbors Vacuum Services are provided on a routine or an emergency basis for general plant maintenance and planned projects as well as for emergency spills or product release situations.

  • Tank Cleaning

    Tank Cleaning

    Clean Harbors can successfully clean your most difficult tanks. Serving numerous industries, municipalities and utility companies, we are equipped to handle a broad spectrum of cleaning from 10-gallon acid neutralization tanks for medical and biotechnology companies to six million gallon 240-foot diameter refinery tanks.

  • Site Decontamination

    Site Decontamination

    Clean Harbors offers decontamination services for a wide range of circumstances by removing, neutralizing, or destroying any harmful substance.  Utilizing various methods, we decontaminate small machinery, fume hoods, cleanrooms, buildings, entire facilities and any other contaminated areas.

  • Product Recovery & Transfer

    Product Recovery & Transfer

    Clean Harbors Product Recovery and Transfer Services provide immediate and complete capture of spilled product, which is the optimal way to minimize the overall cost of spill site remediation. Transfer services are also performed on a non-emergency basis when customers need to move materials from tank to tank or over water.

  • Demolition and Dismantling

    Demolition and Dismantling

    Clean Harbors provides Demolition and Dismantling Services in both emergency and scheduled situations. Applications may include demolition and dismantling of partial or total building or plant structures.

  • Scarifying & Media-Blasting

    Scarifying & Media-Blasting

    Clean Harbors Scarifying and Media-Blasting Services remove staining or near surface contamination from porous and non-porous surfaces. Our processes can also be used to prepare surfaces such as concrete, for sealing with chemical resistant sealers in process floor space, and for secondary tank containments. By removing only the contaminated portions of surfaces, unnecessary demolition, reconstruction, transportation and disposal expenses are avoided.

  • Steam Cleaning

    Steam Cleaning

    Clean Harbors Steam Cleaning Services remove all types of stains from concrete, oil from surfaces, and residues from process equipment utilizing steam pressure washers ranging from 600 to 4,000 psi at 13-15 gpm, and temperatures ranging from ambient to 200 degrees. To maximize cleaning effectiveness, we add specialty chemicals, detergents, degreasers, mild acids and bases as needed. Compared to traditional hydro-wash techniques, the volume of waste...

  • Excavation & Removal

    Excavation & Removal

    Clean Harbors Excavation and Removal Services routinely serve as the primary instrument for soil remediation projects, new construction, and expansion and real estate transactions. This fundamental, frontline remediation method involves the removal of contaminated soil and media, which are typically shipped off-site for treatment and/or disposal. It is also used for the removal and abandonment of underground structures that are out of compliance or have...

  • Facility Closures

    Facility Closures

    When a facility closes or needs to be relocated, Clean Harbors Facility Closure Services package, transport and dispose of chemicals from inventory, waste by-products from operations, maintenance products, and chemical samples. We tailor our cleanout and removal services to each site’s requirements. Our experience ranges from small, one-day closures within the same building to larger, multiple-lab closures and building decontaminations.

  • Filtration and Treatment Services

    Filtration and Treatment Services

    Clean Harbors Filtration and Treatment Services has been providing field-based effluent filtering and treating services to the manufacturing and energy sectors throughout the U.S. and Canada for more than two decades. We also provide personalized service for your specific requirements. If we don’t already have the filter you need, we will design one and manufacture it for you. From vessel manufacturing and filter sales, to field services and...

  • Rail Car Cleaning & Inspection

    Rail Car Cleaning & Inspection

    At customer sites, other locations, or at one of Clean Harbors waste management facilities, Clean Harbors Rail Car Cleaning and Inspection Services provide a full range of cleaning services. We are equipped to handle hazardous and non-hazardous products from tanker cars, intermodal and ISO containers, tote containers, and dry bulk cars.

  • Marine Booming & Line Handling

    Marine Booming & Line Handling

    Clean Harbors provides Marine Booming and Line Handling Services at ports throughout the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico.

  • Maritime Services

    Maritime Services

    Clean Harbors Maritime Services provide a wide range of services to shipping agents, port facilities, oil terminals, and vessel owners in ports throughout the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico.

  • Transformer Services

    Transformer Services

    Clean Harbors Transformer Services has over two decades of experience in the maintenance, recycling and disposal of transformers and other oil filled electrical equipment. Services can be conducted onsite or at one of our permitted facilities. We offer services from the beginning of the life cycle of the transformer with a vacuum fill, mid-life with oil reclamation and retrofill, and at the end of life of the unit with dismantling and recycling. Our...

  • Remediation Services

    Remediation Services

    Clean Harbors Remediation Services handle large-scale, complex site cleanup projects and environmental construction needs for the public and private sectors. We can remediate any location to meet corporate or regulatory clean-up requirements. Clean Harbors provides comprehensive on-site remediation services for a plant or facility expansion, an idled facility or a decommissioned process. If you are closing a process, a building or an expansive facility...

  • Industrial Services

  • Decoking and Pigging Services

    Decoking and Pigging Services

    Clean Harbors Decoking and Pigging Services provides a safe and environmentally friendly approach to the removal of pipe deposits. The closed loop pigging process uses a high volume, low pressure water pumping system to propel our patented bi-directional pigs through pipes and coils to effect cleaning. Pigging removes all deposits left on the tube wall, improving thermal efficacy and extending run lengths. The operation is safely controlled from the...

  • Chemical Cleaning

    Chemical Cleaning

    Clean Harbors Chemical Cleaning Services are an efficient, cost-effective way to remove corrosion, deposits, residual oils/greases, and other obtrusive contaminants from tainted surfaces. This process is used for passivation to eliminate fouling, oxidation, process system corrosion, and decontamination of process lines and vessels.

  • Industrial Vacuuming

    Industrial Vacuuming

    Clean Harbors Industrial Vacuuming Services offer versatility in removing dry or wet materials, drastically reducing clean-up time compared to conventional shoveling and loading procedures.

  • Onsite Dewatering Services

    Onsite Dewatering Services

    Surface impoundments and storage tanks containing built up sludge can limit the effectiveness of your wastewater treatment system. Clean Harbors can safely remove and process the sludge and reduce the volume of waste through the use of specialized dewatering and dredging equipment. This results in improved efficiency of your wastewater treatment system and significant cost savings for you. All our systems are mobile and allow for timely set up upon...

  • Outage & Turnaround Services

    Outage & Turnaround Services

    Clean Harbors Outage and Turnaround Services provide industrial cleaning during planned or unplanned, total, or partial shutdowns of a process unit or plant to perform maintenance, overhaul, and repair operations. Whether it is a refinery or chemical plant turnaround, a utility power plant outage, a paper mill shutdown, or a pharmaceutical company changing over a product line, Clean Harbors will get your process, plant, or facility back up and running...

  • Reactor & Column Services

    Reactor & Column Services

    ARC Advanced Reactors & Columns, a Clean Harbors company, is your single source provider of tray tower, column and reactor services from inspection, installation, removal, to revamp and repair, our experienced full-time crew handles each aspect of your project safely and efficiently to provide the best service possible. Onsite prep planning with your team ensures projects finish on time and on budget, whether blind to blind tray modification, tray...

  • Catalyst Technologies

    Catalyst Technologies

    Clean Harbors Catalyst Technologies is a global full-service catalyst loading company. For more than three decades, we have been helping refineries and chemical and petrochemical plants around the world improve their bottom line by eliminating unnecessary downtime by providing all phases of catalyst change out. We remove and replace spent catalyst from process vessels within the refining, chemical and petrochemical industries. Services include inert...

  • Dust Control Services

    Dust Control Services

    Clean Harbors Dust Control Services capture and contain airborne catalyst dust particles created during catalyst unloading and loading activities. Catalyst dust can have high concentrations of noble metals such as nickel, cobalt, and molybdenum, or precious metals including silver, platinum and rhenium. Most of these metals have considerable reclamation value to a refinery. Our systems protect personnel from dust particles and metals that are potentially...

  • High Temperature Salt Transfer, Storage & Melting

    High Temperature Salt Transfer, Storage & Melting

    Clean Harbors Catalyst Technologies provides safe handling of high temperature molten salts (sodium/ potassium nitrates/ nitrites) to the petrochemical and solar power industries. Services include melting, transferring, storing and decanting of blended sodium/potassium nitrate/nitrite materials.

  • Passivation Services

    Passivation Services

    Clean Harbors uses CATnap, an exclusive technique for quick and safe unloading of catalysts from petroleum processing units. The CATnap process allows the spent catalyst to be removed in an air atmosphere versus purging the reactor with nitrogen and performing inert entry. Unit shutdown time may be decreased by as much as 48 hours by reducing or negating the hydrogen stripping process. Elimination of dust during the unloading process increases...

  • Reactor & Column Services

    Reactor & Column Services

    ARC Advanced Reactors & Columns, a Clean Harbors company, is your single source provider of tray tower, column and reactor services from inspection, installation, removal, to revamp and repair, our experienced full-time crew handles each aspect of your project safely and efficiently to provide the best service possible. Onsite prep planning with your team ensures projects finish on time and on budget, whether blind to blind tray modification, tray...

  • Screening & Segregation Services

    Screening & Segregation Services

    Clean Harbors’ screening units segregate spent catalyst and classify material size. Dust and fines from attrition created during the shipping and handling of catalyst are also removed. Our units can easily segregate and class four particle sizes in a single pass prior to loading. By screening the catalyst, broken pieces (chips and fines), which can increase pressure drop during reactor run operations, are removed. This is particularly important in...

  • Unloading / Loading Services

    Unloading / Loading Services

    Our highly skilled and trained personnel utilize best-in-class processes, procedures and modular equipment to safely remove spent catalyst and load fresh catalyst in process vessels for the refining, chemical, and petrochemical industries.

  • High Pressure Services

    High Pressure Services

    Clean Harbors High Pressure Services utilize automated water blasting equipment to remove unwanted deposits from various process vessels, tanks and lines.

  • Cold Cutting

    Cold Cutting

    Clean Harbors Cold Cutting Services create cleaner, straighter and more precise cuts than conventional cutting methods. Our experienced technicians use ultra-high pressure water and abrasives to cold cut a range of materials.

  • Dry Ice Blasting

    Dry Ice Blasting

    Clean Harbors Dry Ice Blasting Services offer a superior method of online production equipment cleaning.

  • Tech Sonic Cleaning

    Tech Sonic Cleaning

    Clean Harbors is the exclusive worldwide provider of the Tech Sonic cleaning technology for the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries. Clean Harbors Tech Sonic cleaning removes heavy and light bitumen, tar, asphaltines, polymers, grease and other petroleum products from any metal item through immersion in a scientifically engineered ultrasonic tank.

  • Exchanger Cleaning

    Exchanger Cleaning

    Clean Harbors Exchanger Cleaning Services offers both shell side and tube side exchanger cleaning. We provide a wide range of automated high pressure water jetting technology to ensure bundles are thoroughly cleaned inside and out, and operators are kept a safe distance from the high pressure water stream.

  • Line Cleaning

    Line Cleaning

    Clean Harbors Line Cleaning Services provides automated water jetting up to 20,000 psi to clean a range of industrial piping. We can clean fully blocked tubes and pipes, including pipe diameters up to 120 inches, pipe lengths up to 600 feet and pipes with up to 50 bends. Our automated line cleaning equipment includes the Rotofan and Armadillo systems, which offer a remote controlled nozzle that rotates as it cleans, with variable rate speed controls for...

  • Vessel and Tank Cleaning

    Vessel and Tank Cleaning

    Clean Harbors Vessel and Tank Cleaning Services utilize 3-D waterjet technology to remove coke, baked polymers and other difficult deposits from various process vessels and tanks. Our 3-D system blasts up to 20,000 psi using two high-pressure water jets on a revolving head. The tool rotates horizontally while the jets rotate vertically, ensuring a 360 degree cleaning inside of the tank or vessel.

  • Oilfield Services

  • Flush-By Services

    Flush-By Services

    Clean Harbors Flush-By Services improve well production by performing multiple downhole tasks.

  • Coil Tubing

    Coil Tubing

    Clean Harbors Coil Tubing Services help units optimize well production by performing a variety of services.

  • Continuous Rod Services

    Continuous Rod Services

    Clean Harbors Continuous Rod Services install, remove, and repair continuous well rods. Our service capabilities.

  • Pressure Trucks

    Pressure Trucks

    Clean Harbors Pressure Trucks pump various fluids at high pressures—up to 10,000 psi—into pipes, wellheads, and vessels to thoroughly test for leaks. We also provide three-ton chemical batch trucks for a variety of services.

  • Stable Foam Services

    Stable Foam Services

    Clean Harbors Stable Foam Services remove production restricting material from the formation and well bore. Materials that can be removed.

  • Slickline Services

    Slickline Services

    Clean Harbors Slickline Services offer installation and retrieval of instrumentation equipment and production tools in oil and gas wells. Our slickline unit has a split drum and small compact design for remote service capabilities and is field proven to be efficient and cost effective.

  • Steamer Services

    Steamer Services

    Clean Harbors Steamer Services clean industrial buildings, tanks and oilfield equipment. We can clean equipment that is too sensitive for high-pressure water or chemical cleaning; our different wash guns, heat and pressure provide the flexibility for just about any cleaning need. In the winter, utilizing steam wands, Clean Harbors can also thaw flow lines, wellheads and tank valves as well as clean up oil spills.

  • Fluid Handling, Transportation & Disposal

    Fluid Handling, Transportation & Disposal

    Clean Harbors Fluid Handling, Transportation and Disposal Services pump tanks and other vessels and transport the liquids to pipelines, storage tanks and disposal locations. We haul a variety of fluids.

  • Solids Handling, Transportation & Disposal

    Solids Handling, Transportation & Disposal

    Clean Harbors Solids Handling, Transportation and Disposal Services offer efficient and safe waste transportation and disposal of solid hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

  • Hydro-Excavation


    Clean Harbors Hydro-Excavation Services provide a range of industrial, municipal, and pipeline hydro-vac services.

  • Rental Services

    Rental Services

    Clean Harbors provides oilfield equipment rental services to support a range of industry needs. We offer access rental equipment for safer and more efficient site access and operation, production equipment rentals for sour crude oil and gas well production, and mobile washroom facilities for comfortable and quality onsite restroom needs. We provide full transportation and set up of all our rental services, and if needed, immediate field repair. We have...

  • Exploration Services

  • Land & Aerial Surveying

    Land & Aerial Surveying

    Clean Harbors’ methods of line layout and surveying in forested areas take advantage of GPS for positioning on all aspects of a land and aerial surveying project. With the use of GPS technology, we preprogram positional data; and with the use of differential GPS techniques, we lay out a seismic program as was intended by the seismic program designer. Clean Harbors employs GPS units with much higher degrees of accuracy to locate the exact ground...

  • Line Clearing

    Line Clearing

    Clean Harbors Line Clearing Services utilize mulcher and hand cut line clearing techniques. With GPS guided equipment, our constructed lines follow the pre-plot position provided by our client to within a 25 meter corridor, and there is no continuous line of site produced. With this methodology, all the requirements of low impact seismic cutting are adhered to.

  • Shot Hole & Diamond Drilling

    Shot Hole & Diamond Drilling

    Clean Harbors is a leader in heli-portable seismic drilling. Combined with our track drilling capabilities, we can access almost any site – by air, land, or a combination of the two. We also perform core sample and diamond drilling. Along with our line clearing and surveying services, we're your one-stop seismic shop. Our state-of-the art drills are hand built with the focus on safety, production, and durability. Our drills are user friendly and...

  • Land Development

    Land Development

    Clean Harbors Land Development Services provide quality, production and service utilizing a range of equipment and expertise to draw from to make sure your job goes according to schedule. Our experienced operators understand the industry. We ensure each job meets all industry and environmental standards, and that it gets done on time, so you won't have costly delays. Our large fleet of heavy equipment ensures we have the resources for all sizes of jobs....

  • Civil Water & Sewer Infrastructure Construction

    Civil Water & Sewer Infrastructure Construction

    Clean Harbors Civil Water & Sewer Infrastructure Construction Services provide underground utility, water, and sewer construction. Our experienced operators understand the industry, and ensure each job is completed to industry and environmental standards. Whether you're a private developer or municipal district, we'll install your pipes and lines on time and on budget – and eliminate expensive construction delays. Our large fleet of heavy...

  • Seismic Line Cuttings

    Seismic Line Cuttings

    Clean Harbors Seismic Line Cutting Services provide low impact seismic (LIS) line cutting to the oil and gas industry in preparation for laying cable or making trails for track drilling, particularly where access is needed into fully treed areas. Our LIS system, guided by GPS, is top-of-the-line technology that works under the canopy in any forest condition providing an environmentally friendly method to cut lines with minimum impact to the land.

  • Heli-portable Drilling

    Heli-portable Drilling

    Clean Harbors Heli-portable Drilling Services provide drill services to remote and mountainous areas, as well as wet and soft areas, and areas that are environmentally sensitive. Our heli-crews are equipped with drills and compressors, including spare drills, double walled fuel tanks, base radios, repeaters, cellular and satellite phones, and support tools and parts.

  • Directional Boring Services

  • Directional Drilling (Conventional, Mudmotor and Air)

    Directional Drilling (Conventional, Mudmotor and Air)

    Clean Harbors Directional Drilling services provide trenchless installation of underground pipelines and utilities. Our directional drilling crews can install pipelines and utilities under a variety of areas including roadways, railways, waterways, buildings and environmentally sensitive areas, without harming the environment. Our directional drills are sent to the field with complete support equipment, including mud systems, water trucks and drill pipe....

  • Directional Punching

    Directional Punching

    Clean Harbors Directional Punching Services are a cost-effective alternative for smaller scale bores. Our punch trucks are sent to the field with a trained crew and locating equipment capable of tracking the bore to the inch. Punching can be used for the installation of pipeline, fibre optic, cable, gas and water & sewer lines. It can be used to cross roadways, waterways, railways and environmentally sensitive areas.

  • Pipe Ramming/Pipe Extraction

    Pipe Ramming/Pipe Extraction

    Clean Harbors Pipe Ramming / Pipe Extraction Services utilizes pneumatic powered tools to drive a steel pipe horizontally into the ground. The front end of the pipe is left open, allowing soil to enter the pipe. After installation is completed, the soil is removed by doubling up the casing or auguring out. Hammers are available in 12, 16, and 20 inch diameters. Piping ramming reduces set up and maintenance costs when placing steel casing. It can keep...

  • Fusing Services (C900 PVC and HDPE Pipe)

    Fusing Services (C900 PVC and HDPE Pipe)

    Clean Harbors Fusing Services are capable of fusing HDPE and C900 PVC pipe. We are one of only four companies in Canada licensed to fuse C900 PVC. Pipe fusion is superior to conventional bell pipe connections, as the bulky connecting bell is eliminated, making final pipe alignment easier and more accurate, and prevents seams leaks. Fusing of C900 PVC is better than fusing HDPE pipe in many instances, as C900 PVC is often compatible with existing...

  • RG-05 Rockshield Pipe Protection

    RG-05 Rockshield Pipe Protection

    Clean Harbors RG-05 Rock Shield Pipe Protection Services protects transporter pipe from scarring and gouging. Our RG-05 Rock Shield is designed specifically for “pulled in place” type applications and is available for 3', 4', 5', and 6' YJ pipe.

  • Dewatering Line Installation

    Dewatering Line Installation

    Clean Harbors Dewatering Line Installation Services involves directional drilling to install dewatering systems in high water table areas like mines. We drill multiple horizontal gathering lines under the mine site to direct water to pumps, which reduces the water table and allows for more efficient excavating operations by the customer. Similarly, we can drill lines under landfills to extract gaseous substances such as methane gas, which can in turn be...

  • Drilling for Storage Tank Cathodic Protection

    Drilling for Storage Tank Cathodic Protection

    Clean Harbors Drilling for Storage Tank Cathodic Protection involves directional drilling under large storage tanks at refineries to allow for the installation of cathodic protection. Cathodic protection techniques test and control the corrosion of a metal surface by making it work as a cathode of an electrochemical cell. This is achieved by placing in contact with the metal to be protected another more easily corroded metal to act as the anode of the...

  • Lodging Services

  • Client & Open Lodges

    Client & Open Lodges

    For over 15 years, we have been a one-stop housing provider including design, construction, transportation, set-up, service, maintenance, catering, and housekeeping of construction and operator lodges. Clean Harbors Lodging Services can provide a Client Lodge dedicated to your company. We also provide Open Lodges, which are available for use by any company or individual. There are no restrictions or special requirements for renting a room at an Open...

  • Drill Camps

    Drill Camps

    Clean Harbors owns and operates 13 mobile drill camps normally located in various areas of northern Alberta and British Columbia. These fully equipped camps are built in modular fashion. Drill camps are five- and six-unit, skidded, relocatable, easy-to-move accommodations. Each drill camp has 28 beds / 14 rooms, and can be dispatched and set up in 24 hours. Office work space can be added to plan operations and hold meetings. We have a large selection of...

  • Permanent & Temporary Camps

    Permanent & Temporary Camps

    Our camp units are designed by people who have lived in the field and understand the unique living, social and related needs of oilfield and construction workers. Clean Harbors Lodging Services will customize our camps to meet your standards.We feel our camps should conform to your housing needs. For longer term applications, we will be pleased to adapt our products to meet your specific needs. This may include executive accommodation, office workspace...

  • Superior Approach to Lodging

    Superior Approach to Lodging

    Clean Harbors Lodging Services provide amenities that set new standards for work camp accommodations. Working with our partners, we provide unmatched facilities, catering and services in our camps and industrial lodges. Our lodges are maintained to the highest standards of cleanliness, quality, and service. Our dining areas are designed with a large open concept. Circular tables, premium chairs, and separate sitting areas are standard. The common areas...

  • Apollo Onsite Services

    Apollo Onsite Services

    Clean Harbors Apollo Onsite Services is an environmental services outsourcing program that places select experienced employees at your location to support you in managing your environmental responsibilities. From the collection and packaging of waste materials, management of satellite accumulation areas, to complete in-plant cleaning or running your RCRA treatment processes, we provide a comprehensive program to meet your needs.