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The discipline of improving utility performance requires an attainable vision, clear strategies and the ability to monitor progress. Mature utilities measure performance on strategic initiatives and the resulting business outcomes, without getting buried in trivial data and piles of meaningless paper. They utilize key performance indicators (KPIs) and tools that let them query up-to-date information to help make business decisions.

Service Objective

Business Intelligence (BI) ensures that you have the right information, at the right time, in the right format to guide your decisions. The term “BI” refers to both the discipline of decision making and a class of systems used to gather information from various business applications, then streamline its delivery. Having a suite of meaningful KPI’s, combined with a BI system that aggregates data from across the enterprise, modern utility managers have the requisite information at hand to continuously improve utility performance.

Westin works with you to develop your enterprise BI solution - from identifying what to measure to system implementation and integration in order to achieve your unique business requirements. Westin works with you to:

  • Develop KPIs that measure progress toward a strategic objectives;
  • Select and implement a BI system that fits your agency’s business requirements;
  • Establish the links to business systems that generate source data including plant operations, maintenance, finance, customer service, and other business applications;
  • Identify simple, intuitive reports and dashboards that enable managers to track, trend and predict business performance; and
  • Apply BI to improve business practices and drive change.

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