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ELDAN Recycling has been active within cable recycling close to 60 years. What started with cable cutters, has expanded into including cable strippers, alligator shears and ACSR shears as well as machines and complete plants for processing of cables. Since copper and aluminium is 100% recyclable without loss of quality recycling of cable has always been a popular field. ELDAN Recycling and REDOMA Recycling form Eldan Group - a leading global supplier of equipment for profitable recycling. REDOMA offers small and medium-sized cable recycling plants from 150 kg/h up to 2000 kg/h while ELDAN focuses on high capacity recycling solutions from 2000 kg/h up to 10000 kg/h (for all kind of cable).

ELDAN has cable recycling equipment and solutions for processing of dry cables, jelly filled telecommunication cables and greasy underground cables. Depending on type of cable processed a final separation of at least 99.5% clean metal fraction of either aluminium or copper is obtained. The standard ELDAN setup includes a Rasper, a Granulator and a Separation Table – we have standard plants with capacities ranging from 200-4000 kgs/production hour. This is also the starting point when plants are tailored to suit specific customer requirements. These standard plants are the starting point when systems are tailored to suit specific customer requirements (e.g. production capacities from 6.000 to 10.000 kg/production hour, processing of ACSR cable or further reduction of metal losses).

REDOMA offers traditionally three types of cable recycling lines; Thunderhawk, Powerkat and Firefox. The standard setup includes a Rough Chopper, a Granulator and a Separator. All machines can be used as single machines or be integrated in different recycling plants for similar applications.

Input materials

In the different Eldan Cable Recycling Systems you will be able to process the following types of input:

Dry Cables

Dry cables usually have copper or aluminium conductors. The insulation is made of plastic, rubber or paper. Power cables may have steel or lead armouring which can be processed in our cable stripper and then process further in an Eldan Cable Recycling Plant. After granulation and separation the metal fraction will have a purity of up to 99.5%.

Dry cables which can be processed in an Eldan Cable Recycling Plant are e.g.: hair-wire, harness wire, communication wire, installation wire, power cables with copper or aluminium conductors, copper wire, ACSR-wire and mixed household wire.

Jelly Filled Cables

The aim of the recycling plant for jelly cables is to separate the copper and plastic fractions from jelly filled cables and to produce clean copper granules free from jelly. The separation works on a sink float principle (closed re-circulation) with gravity of insulation fraction of less than one. If the jelly cables were to have insulation or other objects with a too high specific gravity, it would be necessary to add to the end of the system either a wet separation table or a dry separation table to separate the copper and plastic fraction. The purity rate of the copper fraction will be approx. 88% depending on the material which is being processed. It will, however, be possible to obtain a purity rate of minimum 94% by adding to the Jelly Plant an Eldan Water Separation System and up to 99% by installing an additional Eldan Spinner Separator. Read more.

The Jelly Cable plant is environmentally safe meaning that it does not require any special certification or monitoring.

Underground Cables

Underground cables are heavy armouring cables consisting of a considerable amount of grease, plastics, paper and naturally lead and copper. What makes processing of underground cables so complex is the substantial amount of grease making the material stick together. Read more.

Output fractions

Depending on type of cables and size of plant the Eldan Cable Recycling System can give a final separation of at least 99.5% clean metal fraction of either aluminium or copper. The plastic fraction contains approximately 2-5% of metal. This fraction can then be further cleaned in a dry way with a Classifier and/or in a wet way on a Water Separation Unit.

Example of standard set-up (E1000C): 1. Rasper, 2. Overband Magnet, 3. Fine Granulator (behind 5), 4. Silo (behind 5), 5. Separation Table
Example of standard set-up (E2500C): 1. Multi Purpose Rasper, 2. Overband magnet, 3. Fine Granulator, 4. Separation Table.
Example of standard set-up (E4000C): 1. Multi Purpose Rasper, 2. Overband magnet, 3a. Fine Granulator, 3b. Fine Granulator (behind 3a), 4. Separation Table.

Eldan Recycling offer standard and special systems depending on customer requirements in regards to e.g. type of input cable, production capacity and output size/quality. The systems have capacities ranging from 150-4,000 kg/production hour. These systems are also the starting point when tailoring solutions to customers - e.g. with higher capacities of 6,000, 8,000 or 10,000 kg/production hour.

The Eldan Cable Recycling systems are known for its high performance, yet low production costs. The solutions ensure minimum loss of metals and at least 99,5% metal purity in the output fraction. The systems and machines are developed based on ambient mechanical technique for size reduction and separation - i.e. no melting or chemical treatment is required.

An Eldan Cable Recycling System for dry cable processing will granulate and separate cables into metals (up to 99,5% pure) and plastics/organic.

Low and medium capacity solutions

  • REDOMA Thunderhawk (150 - 450 kg/h). Mini-plant for cable recycling offers a simple and efficient chopping line for small recyclers with a limited budget. Read more here.
  • REDOMA Powercat (500 - 700 kg/h). The Plant may be small in size, but it is full-grown in performance, yielding an exceptional purity of both metals and insulation. Read more here.
  • REDOMA Firefox (1000 - 1700 kg/h). The plant stands for flexibility and superior technology. It is designed for medium-size companies and comes in several different models, depending on your required capacity. Read more here.

High capacity solution

As an example: in the standard system E4000C dry mixed copper or aluminium cables (recommended to be sorted) and PEX cables (≤Ø 115mm) can be processed at 4 ton/production hour producing granulated metals (up to 99,5% pure) and plastics/organic.