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The accumulation of greenhouse gases (GHGs) in the Earth's atmosphere, created primarily through fossil fuel combustion, has resulted in global climate change, or global warming. As a result, climate change has emerged as a critical environmental management issue for organizations today. Organizations are faced with developing federal and state regulatory frameworks in the U.S., such as California’s AB-32 regulation and EPA's GHG Mandatory Reporting Rule. Global companies are also faced with meeting the requirements of various international programs.

As a recognized leader in industrial air quality issues, Trinity Consultants is uniquely qualified to assist with climate change concerns. Trinity works with progressive companies to develop appropriate and comprehensive climate management strategies to address both domestic and international obligations.
To ensure an appropriate response to the climate change issue, an organization must stay informed about policy and marketplace developments, effectively manage GHG emissions, and develop, communicate, and implement meaningful carbon reduction strategies. Trinity’s extensive practical experience in each of these important areas is invaluable in helping companies navigate this complex issue.

Trinity helps companies develop climate change policies and manage their GHG emissions by:

  • Educating company decision-makers about the importance of a proactive approach to GHG emissions management
  • Creating strategy planning documents and internal GHG protocols for companies
  • Preparing baseline and annual GHG emissions inventories
  • Advising clients on voluntary program and registry participation and preparing submissions for programs such as 1605(b) and The Climate Registry
  • Educating and advising clients on GHG and renewable trading markets
  • Selecting and implementing enterprise data management systems or custom software solutions for managing GHG emissions data

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