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Virtually every organization is under pressure to address climate change – through reduction in its carbon footprint and/or addressing the risks associated with potential impacts from changes in climate. Our climate change solutions practice is devoted to helping our clients address their carbon management and climate adaptation challenges through services that combine highly sophisticated technical approaches with an in-depth understanding of the stakeholder and organizational issues that must be addressed.

Most carbon management programs start with the need to understand the current level of carbon emissions. WESTON has prepared comprehensive greenhouse gas inventories for a wide range of organizations, including industrial and commercial clients, ports, small cities and municipal planning organizations. Our ability to design effective data collection and data management strategies allows our clients to meet short-term compliance and reporting requirements as well as achieve long term goals for carbon management.

WESTON assists our clients in developing broad reduction strategies supported by cost-effective, practical and feasible control measures. Typical carbon management approaches include:

  • Reducing demand for electricity and fuels
  • Providing low carbon alternatives
  • Reducing carbon in the supply chain and waste streams

WESTON also provides ongoing auditing support with regard to demonstration of regulatory compliance, measurement of carbon reduction efforts against established metrics, and development of SEC disclosure information.


Many of the best approaches to carbon management involve the pursuit of programs with multiple economic, social, and environmental benefits. WESTON’s sustainability experts help our clients implement energy efficiency, renewable energy, and other asset management programs where opportunities for carbon reduction are identified, prioritized in terms of return on investment, and implemented on a basis consistent with organizational strategic planning goals, equipment obsolescence intervals, and O&M schedules.

Where opportunities are identified that will increase the return on investment for a particular carbon reduction strategy, WESTON can assess viability of the project, design and install the control system, and facilitate the sale of the project in carbon markets.

Coastal port, military and commercial-industrial facilities are particularly vulnerable to anticipated effects of climate change. WESTON’s water resources and Geographic Information System (GIS) experts show our clients the potential impacts predicted for their specific locations. We develop adaptive management plans that allow for near-term actions that lower risk and minimize unnecessary capital expenditure. Typical climate adaptation approaches include:

  • Hardening of existing facilities to deal with severe weather events
  • Developing specifications for development projects that incorporate climate adaptation features
  • Creation of habitat “buffers” to mitigate storm events
  • Raising or relocating facilities to accommodate sea level rise

WESTON’s approach allows our clients to integrate climate adaptation strategies with other strategic objectives such as stormwater management, security hardening, and seismic retrofit.

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