Indaver N.V.

Indaver N.V.

Climate & Environment


Indaver invests in advanced technologies to limit the impact of its activities to a minimum. In all areas of air, soil and water.

  • Flue gas treatment plants treat the air emissions from the incinerators. They limit the concentration of dangerous substances in the flue gas emissions to the legal minimum.
  • We reduce the emissions of particulate matter by our trucks. Thus we consistently choose trucks of the Euroclass 4 type, which only emit 0.025g of particulate matter per kilometre driven.
  • Thanks to advanced leak detection systems we are informed quickly of any soil contamination around our landfill sites and can undertake the necessary actions quickly.
  • The Antwerp site is equipped with its own water treatment plant. It treats the processing water from the site before it is discharged into the Scheldt. In this way we fulfil the strict standards.

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