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Compliance Audits/Planning


A comprehensive compliance audit can help an organization ensure that all applicable regulations have been properly addressed and to identify and resolve any problematic issues in a timely manner. A compliance audit from Trinity begins with a thorough review of existing facility data including permits, permit applications, plot plans, construction history, emissions calculations, monitoring information, regulatory reports, process flow diagrams, and operational data and diagrams.

A site visit is normally made to ensure that all emissions sources have been identified. A regulatory applicability analysis is performed, identifying all federal and state requirements for each emissions source. Based on this information, Trinity will determine compliance status on a unit-by-unit basis and suggest corrective action where needed. The result is a complete picture of all regulatory requirements and a plan to attain or maintain compliance. The information resulting from the compliance audit can be used for future permitting actions and as a basis for establishing an annual compliance audit plan.

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