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A world class team, delivering ground breaking project services. Our experienced Carbon Projects team at co2balance can provide a wide field of expertise required to develop successful carbon projects throughout the world. Our team has global experience and has worked in some of the most challenging Least Developed Countries in the world.  We combine technical expertise with thorough practical experience of what it takes to conduct business in some of the world’s poorest areas.

co2balance  are able to offer a wide range of carbon project and  technical consultancy :

  • Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) – our qualified team can write and submit Environmental Impact Assessments and has extensive experience in dealing with countries with specific EIA law.  
  • Feasibility Studies and Project Idea Notes - we have assessed various methodologies and technologies in the earliest stages to enable project decision making.  In addition we are able to implement full Risk Management procedures to
  • minimise early expenditure and mitigate risk of project failure.  We can also provide a thorough assessment and understanding of the various methodologies and accreditation standards available to deliver the ‘best fit’ solution.
  • Baseline and Project Scenario design – according to the relevant methodology we are able to design and implement a rigorous assessment of Baseline and Project Scenarios that will meet the statutory requirements including all statistical analysis.  In addition we are able to advise on the most appropriate methods of procuring data collection including using third party agents where required.
  • Stakeholder Engagement – we can design and plan a stakeholder engagement process that meets both the requirements of the methodology and contributes meaningfully to the design process.  We have experience of implementing rigorous stakeholder events around the world.
  • Project Design – our team of technical experts can write all relevant Project Design Documentation and annexes as required by the methodology.  Our experience of dealing with the accreditation bodies allows us to tailor the Project Design Documentation content to ensure best chance of Validation success.
  • Validation, Registration and Verification support – having undertaken numerous Validation and Verification procedures with a variety of DOEs we are in an excellent position to advise on and manage the appointment of Valuators/Verifiers.  We have also conducted a number of on-site visits/stakeholder events in relation to Validation and Verification as well as dealt with Registration stakeholder queries from the Gold Standard.  
  • Monitoring Plans and EMS – each project requires a Monitoring Plan that both meets the requirements of the methodology and provides certainty and risk mitigation to the developer.  In addition some projects may required an Environmental Management System – our team is both experienced and qualified to write suitable documents and to obtain the necessary statutory approvals where they exist.

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