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ADG Solutions Process Consulting brings you over 35 years of widely utilized extrusion expertise serving recyclers from post-consumer to industrial to foam densification. Whether you are planning a new plant or expanding current capacity, we can help you define and control project costs, viability, hardware selection, installation, etc. As the founder and former owner of Merritt Davis (now a part of Davis-Standard), ADG Solutions knows what it takes to design, produce and execute highly efficient and profit-genetating plastics processing systems.

Applications expertise includes:

Venture consulting

  • Evaluating product and corporate strengths, inventory, market positions, manufacturing techniques, etc…

Greenfield consulting

  • Plant layouts
  • Project costs and viability

Post-consumer and Industrial separation and reclaim consulting

  • Plastics film and sheet
  • Foamed plastics (EPS [Styrofoam], EPE, EPP)
  • Highly contaminated polymer filtration
  • PET bottle and sheet

Primary process consulting

  • Cast Film systems
  • Blown Film systems
  • Sheet systems
  • Pipe, tube & profile systems
  • Wire & cable systems
  • Compounding systems
  • Fiber systems

 ADG Solutions maintains high-level, up-to-date expertise in projects of all types and magnitude with a principal focus is in the following areas:

  • Component selection upgrades or additions to pre-existing systems
  • New materials and process application assistance
  • Operator training
  • Control system upgrades to maximize efficiency and reduce waste
  • Factory floor studies to improve production efficiency and overall productivity
  • Reverse engineering of unavailable components and spare parts
  • Used equipment evaluation and brokerage
  • Scrap material evaluation and brokerage

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