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Filter Plus Ltd

COSHH & LEV (Local Exhaust Ventilation) Testing Services


Micronair provide a range of facilities that enable companies to comply with the current HSE (Health & Safety Executive) requirements, generally as described in the Documentation. These same facilities also lend themselves to monitoring the requirements of the Clean Air Act, which are enforced by the local Councils, in the form of LEV (Local Exhaust Ventilation) regulations.

These requirements essentially go hand in hand, for they both play a part in good housekeeping, and many of the monitored results are applicable in both situations.

The HSE are concerned with the health of the workforce in any place of employment, whilst the Councils are more concerned with ensuring that any nuisance or other emissions that may affect others are avoided/kept within prescribed limits.

The normal practice is to first visit the site and carefully examine and evaluate the entire process for potential emissions.

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