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Cryogenic Cleaning Services

Our company is constantly involved in technology research and now we can offer an innovative cleaning service based on the practical application of cryogenics. It is a sandblasting system that uses compressed air and carbon dioxide (dry ice) pellets instead of sand and other abrasive elements. This system has many advantages, including the following: The cleaning process is exclusively mechanic and does not involve or produce chemical reactions, It is not abrasive, It is completely environment-friendly. Cryogenic cleaning is cheaper and has a very reduced environmental footprint compared to other cleaning techniques. Cryogenic cleaning is also time-saving, because the biggest part of the cleaning operations are performed 'on-the-spot'. Our machines are lightweight and can be easily transported everywhere. Carbon dioxide pellets are similar, in shape and size, to a rice grain and are kept in storage in special containers, in which they can last up to 5 days.

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