Nuove Tecnologie Applicate

Nuove Tecnologie Applicate

Nuove Tecnologie Applicate

Thanks to our ten-year experience in industrial maintenance, NTA (Nuove Tecnologie Applicate) has become a landmark both in the city of Turin and all over Italy for all the companies that need an effective industrial cleaning service. Our continuous investments on latest-technology equipment and our constant attention towards new machinery with low environmental impact allows us to offer our customers effective and focused interventions in order to solve every kind of cleaning-related problem. We offer hydrodynamic and cryogenic cleaning, environmental reclamation services and industrial and special waste disposal.

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Via delle Cartiere, 40 , Caselle Torinese , 10072 Italy
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Business Type:
Service provider
Industry Type:
Waste and Recycling
Market Focus:
Nationally (across the country)

Environment protection and safety are our guidelines

We have always employed environment-friendly technology and procedures. Our hydrodynamic cleaning technique allows us to save a significant amount of water because our hydro-cleaning machines have a 4 lit/min. water flow, while traditional machines water flow ranges from 15 to 20 litres/min.

Our company is also really concerned about safety: we avoid direct personnel intervention into the structures whenever it is possible but, if it cannot be avoided, our staff is equipped with the most sophisticated safety device in order to minimize risks.

Organization, Specialization, Efficiency

Our company offers environment-friendly services in the fields of waste-disposal, cryogenic cleaning and environment reclamation. Thanks to our experience in technical cleaning, we can perform focused intervention using our high-tech equipment and machinery, such as:

  • Specific operational units, designed to operate in every possible situation, that can be adapted both to the material that must be cleaned and to the working-space;
  • Each one of our machines can work as an independent unit;
  • Our fleet is composed of vehicles specifically designed to transport our machinery and equipment to the operational site.

All the above-specified equipment and machines and our specialized personnel make our interventions highly effective and guarantee a fast resolution of every kind of cleaning-related problem.