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Air Liquide’s world-class experience in cryogenic gas separation processes and equipment is centered on a commitment to safety, reliability, quality and competitiveness.

We offer a wide range of solutions, from small standardized and automated units to the world’s largest air separation units, addressing markets such as metals processing, chemical conversion, oil & gas, electronics and more.

The Air Liquide cryogenic experience is also available for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG): we supply small- to mid-scale plants and LNG equipment to serve applications ranging from ‘peak shaving’ to the fast growing application of LNG as a clean fuel (marine, truck, heavy duty applications, power).

Based on our history and outstanding track record in delivering cryogenic plants to the industry, we accompany our clients along the entire project life-cycle: from the initial design phase to engineering, procurement and construction, through to operational support. Our solutions are designed to best integrate clients’ facilities and optimized to reach an overall minimal cost of ownership. When and where required, we can tailor the design to our clients’ exact specifications.

Our solutions include:

  • Air separation units for the production of oxygen, nitrogen and rare gases
  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) capture
  • Syngas separation and purification
  • Helium purification and liquefaction
  • LNG liquefaction plants and equipment
  • Refrigeration systems

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