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Data Security


Electronic goods contain trade secrets, financial information, client data, employee records, software, and other invaluable information that amounts to years of work. If these electronic goods are not disposed off cautiously, they can cause a catastrophic exposure of data. As an organisation, the liability does not end when the equipment leaves their building. It continues until the asset has been certified, by professionals, to be rendered inert environmentally and “clean” from a data perspective. That’s why when the time comes to retire or replace equipment containing your most sensitive files, you want a company you can trust to remove your data – carefully, thoroughly, and completely.

Environmental compliance is important, but it is just one piece of a complex risk equation associated with decommissioning technology. A pure focus on being green may actually create security vulnerabilities as tons of computers are offloaded to recyclers that may be limited in enterprise level IT asset disposition.

With the average cost of a data breach running nearly $7 million per episode, it’s pretty clear why data security is the paramount concern. Securing thousands, even millions of individual machines requires highly specialized skills and infrastructure. This is not something you can get from your local recycler.

To ensure that we erase and destroy information and data containing units like hard drives, PC's, laptops, servers, printers, copiers, fax machines, portable USB drives, Floppy, zip, data tapes, CD's, Memory/Ram from networking equipment, blackberries, smart phones, etc., our data destruction process is recorded on a camera and can be viewed by our customers online.

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