Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Systems

DEWATS stands for “Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Systems”. DEWATS represents a technical approach rather than merely a technology package. DEWATS applications are designed to be low-maintenance: most important parts of the system work without technical energy inputs and cannot be switched off intentionally. DEWATS applications provide state-of-the-art technology at affordable prices because all of the materials used for construction are locally available.

  • DEWATS applications provide treatment for both domestic and industrial sources
  • Systems can be designed to handle organic wastewater flows from 1-1000 m3 per day
  • Systems are built to be reliable, long lasting and tolerant towards fluctuations in loads
  • DEWATS applications do not require sophisticated maintenance

Without considering facilities for necessary chemical pre-treatment of wastewater from industries, DEWATS applications are designed with four basic technical treatment modules which are combined  and configured to provide a custom solution for a given sanitation/wastewater challenge:

  • Primary treatment: sedimentation and floatation
  • Secondary anaerobic treatment in fixed-bed reactors: baffled upstream reactors or anaerobic filters
  • Tertiary aerobic treatment in sub-surface flow filters
  • Tertiary aerobic treatment in polishing ponds

DEWATS applications are designed and dimensioned in such a way that treated water meets requirements stipulated in environmental laws and regulations.

Advantages of DEWATS technology:

  • Provides treatment for domestic and industrial wastewater
  • Low initial investment costs as no imported materials or components are needed
  • Efficient treatment for daily wastewater flows of up to 1000m3
  • Modular design of all components
  • Tolerant towards inflow fluctuations
  • Reliable and long-lasting construction design
  • Low maintenance costs     


DEWATS technology is an effective, efficient and affordable wastewater treatment solution for small and medium sized enterprises (SME).

The demand for reliable, efficient and low-cost wastewater treatment systems is increasing around the world, especially in densely populated urban regions. In these areas, adequate wastewater treatment systems often do not exist and uncontrolled discharge of wastewater endangers health and pollutes local water resources.

Many governments have passed new environmental regulations stipulating that dischargers of wastewater, such as small and medium enterprises and housing estates, will be held responsible for wastewater pollution. Therefore these entities should treat wastewater adequately on-site before it is discharged or released into the environment.

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