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ZZ & ASSOCIATES provided consulting engineering services in the areas of pressure transient analysis, petroleum reservoir engineering, reservoir description, fluid flow through porous media, formation evaluation, petrophysics, well log interpretation, core and PVT analysis, drilling and production engineering, and geophysical delineation of aquifers.Customers include British Petroleum, Dominion, Gaffny Cline and Associates, BHP, Total, Oryx Energy Company, Sun, British Gas, ARCO, AMOCO, Occidental, Penzoil, Texaco, Shell, Conoco, British gas, Petrobras, Chevron, Qatar General Petroleum Corporation,  ADCO, ZADCO, ADMA, Welex, Dresser Atlas, Schlumberger, Baker Hughes and Enron.

The company revised research work conducted by research centers in Kuwait (mud properties), Iraq (formation evaluation).

The company analyzed more than 1,000 well test for British Petroleum for fields in the U.S. and South America.

The company analyzed and supervised pressure transient analyses for horizontal, deviated and vertical wells (gas & oil reservoirs; ADCO (2003-2007)

Provided quality digitization services of East European and East Asian hard logs for British Petroleum, British Gas, AMOCO, ARCO, Sun oil, Conoco, Texaco, BHP and Occidental.

Provided digitization and editing of Seismic Sections for BHP and Schlumberger.

Provided services of editing seismic images for Occidental using Autocad software (formats include TIF, JPEG, DGN, etc.)

ZZ & ASSOCIATES is proud to have completed digitization, editing, and quality assurance of over 2,000 wells in an ‘unheard period of two months' for Dominion Exploration, Oklahoma. (July-September, 2003).

Provided digitization and quality assurance for maps of pipelines and roads (using Neuralog, Neuramap, and Petra Software) networking over 12,000 wells for Dominion Exploration, Oklahoma, in six weeks.

Scanning, editing, and changing formats of logs and maps of more than 2,000 wells in a period of four weeks. (Dominion Exploration, Occidental and Baker Atlas, 2003 & 2004).

Long-term contract with Occidental Petroleum for scanning, editing, and digitization for domestic and international fields.

Ability to digitize and provide formation tops and/or continuous minerals for mud and lithology logs (advantage of generating 3-D true lithological model considered more accurate than 3-D seismic model), British Petroleum, AMOCO (fields in Egypt, Nigeria, Vietnam, South America, Australia, and others).

Ability to generate synthetic logs from existing tools (Pennzoil).

Converted data from magnetic media into compact discs or CD's, DVD's and flash drives (advantages include the storage of thousands of wells into a few CD's or DVD's and minimizing maintenance cost due to environmental factors),ADCO, ZADCO, UAE.

Provided digitization, editing, quality assurance of over 80 million curve feet for major oil companies in the United Arab Emirates.

Provided ‘rush’ digitization of logs and maps of Egyptian fields for DeltaR (Houston, 2002), Khalda Petroleum (Egypt), and AMOCO Egypt.

Provided consulting work on pressure transient analysis using integrated data from drilling, production, geology, geophysics, petrophysics, log interpretation to better describe some of the oil fields to Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia, 2007

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