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  • Normal Digitizing Services

    Normal Digitizing Services

    It is imperative that precise and accurate petrophysical data is utilized in calculating reservoir parameters. Accurate reservoir parameters aid in a better description of the reservoir, calculation of the reserves, and pursuing any reservoir simulation studies efficiently.This illustrates the importance of testing the quality of the digital data provided by service companies prior to carrying out any interpretation procedures.Most companies digitize...

  • Scanning Services

    Scanning Services

    ZZ & ASSOCIATES has adopted this technique as old paper logs and maps suffer the ravages of time and use. The high resolution scanning method allows both filtering and cleaning of logs, whilst zoom facilities provide a detailed examination of every portion of the log The scanning procedure is like obtaining a very high resolution photocopy but the information is stored in electronic form.  All header information and comments will be captured...

  • Reservoir Description

    Reservoir Description

    Reservoir description is the most challenging technique that ZZ & ASSOCIATES has based its reputation from. We use all the available data that can be obtained from our client to better describe the reservoir. Such data includes drilling, production, geology, geophysics, petrophysics, well logging and well test analysis.We offer our client with maps which include the following:Graphical display of well locations projected for (the country of interest)...

  • Different Services and Customers

    Different Services and Customers

    ZZ & ASSOCIATES provided consulting engineering services in the areas of pressure transient analysis, petroleum reservoir engineering, reservoir description, fluid flow through porous media, formation evaluation, petrophysics, well log interpretation, core and PVT analysis, drilling and production engineering, and geophysical delineation of aquifers.Customers include British Petroleum, Dominion, Gaffny Cline and Associates, BHP, Total, Oryx Energy...