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Disaster Recovery Services


At Ceres, we are committed to providing rapid and effective responses to meet the challenges facing communities in the wake of natural disasters. Our company is focused on strong leadership and dynamic execution of the recovery process. With extensive experience in disaster relief coupled with our ability to both self-perform work immediately and engage a network of over 5,600 subcontracting partners, Ceres is a trusted partner with an unmatched record.

Here are just few of the fields of expertise Ceres has on staff:

  • Structural and Civil Engineers
  • Project Management
  • Truck/Equipment Operators
  • Human Resource Management
  • Project Engineers
  • Operations Management
  • Maintenance/Mechanics
  • Administrative Support
  • Geologists
  • Equipment Mobilization Management
  • Health and Safety Management
  • IT Management

Hurricanes are one of the most destructive forces on the planet causing massive damage across a very large area. One of the most immediate requirements after a storm is to cut and toss debris from major roadways so emergency teams can perform their life-saving functions. Very shortly thereafter, large numbers of specialized trucks and equipment must be brought in to clear vegetative (i.e., tree) and building material debris so electricity can be restored and rebuilding can begin. Flooding often occurs during these events contributing even more debris for municipal leaders to remove so that residents can restore their properties. Other damage, like environmental hazards, dead animal carcasses, damaged levees and choked waterways, pose major challenges for emergency planners and officials.

Earthquakes can pose very different problems than other natural disasters for citizens and public officials.

Although seismic disasters do not generate as much vegetative debris as hurricanes, massive problems including extensive structural damage to buildings, soil liquefaction, water and sanitary system destruction, and road/bridge buckling and collapse are common. These events require a quite specific set of talents, experience, and equipment to assist in the recovery.

Ceres has very recent and relevant experience with major earthquakes:

Republic of Haiti (Jan 2010) This country suffered a massive 7.0 magnitude earthquake with at least 52 aftershocks measuring 4.5 or greater, destroying large sections of Port Au Prince.

New Zealand (Feb 2011) The city of Christchurch was jolted by a 6.3 magnitude earthquake resulting in the highest Peak Ground Acceleration ever recorded (2.2g). The earthquake caused the loss of 90 percent of the central business district properties, destroyed 12,000 homes and damaged another 100,000 homes and most of the underground infrastructure.

In both cases, Ceres responded by containerizing and shipping specialized equipment immediately following each earthquake to assist in the recovery effort. We have since established affiliated companies in each country.

Tornadoes are one of the most frightening weather-related events as they often arise very quickly and without much warning. Although generally localized to an area, weather patterns can create “streams” of parallel tornados that track across wide areas causing massive destruction to trees, houses and commercial properties. Ceres has the experience, knowledge, and equipment to help communities rebuild after a tornado.

Flooding often accompanies a major storm event like a hurricane or large rain event but can also be a natural occurrence after spring thaws. Floods are generally predictable but require an immediate response. Ceres has mobilized both prior to floods to help mitigate their impact and in post-event situations to remediate damage after waters have receded. As both a construction firm with heavy civil equipment for levee building and a disaster response company, Ceres has unique flood fight and recovery capabilities.

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